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Dead Batteries Make Dead People:
The dangers of electronically-restricted firearms and trigger locks

By Aaron Zelman & Richard W. Stevens

Smashing sounds at the back door. You run to get your sidearm in the bedroom. Then find the ammo ... snap in the clip. Now to unlock the trigger ... it’s dark, the buttons are small ... key in the digits ... that’s right. Still locked, try again. Nothing doing, it’s still locked.

Back door crashes down, the thug is inside. You’re keying in numbers, smacking the thing against your hand, your leg, the wall. Your sidearm remains dead. D@#%! What is wrong with this Stupid Gun!

When Technology Kills

This election year the anti-self defense lobby is selling "gun control" as "safety technology." Trigger locks and so-called "smart chips" make guns safer, they say. Who’s against safety?

It’s another trick in the victim disarmament strategy. Never forget that the strategy aims to make it first unattractive and then impossible for innocent law-abiding citizens to obtain and use firearms. Consider these points:

Trigger locks make a sidearm useless to anyone but pre-designated users. That means if the owner is injured, unconscious or absent, then quite likely nobody -- not even a family member, friend or peace officer -- can use the sidearm to stop a criminal attack. Who will be responsible for the “stupid gun” that cost somebody’s life?

Electronically-restricted firearms hurt victims, not criminals. So-called "smart gun" technology depends upon an electronic device working correctly at the right time. What happens if the electronic-restriction chip fails, or the battery dies? In an emergency, the electronic restriction slows down the defender, not the attacker.

So-called "safety technology" won’t stop criminals. Outlaws will find ways to defeat or bypass mechanical and electronic trigger locks -- or they will simply get guns without those user restrictions. Worse, criminals will likely find ways, using electric shock or high-powered transmitters, to disarm the defender by disabling the sidearm’s electronic-restriction computer chip.

Registering Batteries Instead of Firearms

Safety-technology will lead to national registration of firearms and their owners. Here’s how:

Just like cameras and watches, the electronic-restriction devices will need specialized batteries. Only a few authorized retailers will stock those batteries. At first, gun-battery buyers will have to produce identification to prove their age. Soon the laws will require proof of residence and name. Retailers will have to permanently record this information and report it to the government.

Later, the retailers will have to run an "instant check" every time a person buys a replacement battery. Added restrictions, such as limiting purchases to one battery per month (or year) per gun, will multiply the ways gun owners are tracked and hampered in their self-defense efforts. Users won’t be permitted to stock up on replacement batteries, because they might supply batteries to criminals.

By registering battery buyers, the government will register all law-abiding gun owners. Courts who cannot read the plain language of the Second Amendment will never say that the Bill of Rights protects the right to buy batteries!

Own A "Criminal Gun" -- Go to Jail

What’s next? Laws forbidding possession of firearms that lack the new "safety technology." Those older guns will be demonized as "criminal guns" or "unsafe guns" -- and their owners will face civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

To ensure that electronic-restrictions and mandatory trigger locks are in place and working properly, the government will demand periodic gun inspections. (Many states already mandate routine inspections of smog gear on autos, and of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment in businesses.) Firearms that don’t meet the current specifications will be confiscated, and their owners penalized.

Mandatory so-called "safety technology" slows down the self-defender but does nothing to prevent crime or suicide. Registering and inspecting firearms discourages people from lawfully protecting themselves. Meanwhile, this fact remains: the government and police have no duty to protect individual citizens from violent crime.

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