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Instant Inspiration: “I Will Live Free”

By Aaron Zelman & Claire Wolfe

Great patriotic music. It energizes us, it grabs us. Whether it's the thunder of a Sousa march or the prayerful plea of "God Bless America," music moves people as few other things can.

One kind of patriotic music has been sadly missing: songs that celebrate our most precious national treasure, the Bill of Rights. We’re filling that gap now by releasing the brand-new CD, "I Will Live Free."

It’s not just good music. It’s not just fun. It’s a way YOU can use music to change hearts, win minds, and to inspire yourself and others – just by listening to great songs.

"I Will Live Free" is available now. Written and produced by popular patriotic songwriter Dan Starr, these tunes will cause you to:

LAUGH with the lively Fourth-Amendment country-rocker "Steal Your Stuff"

MOURN for the fallen heroes in "Freedom's War"

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN "What is Freedom?" and why freedom is "The Best" with a pair of songs especially for them

ACHE "As Time Goes By" for a man imprisoned with no Bill of Rights protections in a foreign land

THANK "The Guardian," the Second Amendment that protects all of our Rights

LAUGH AGAIN as arrogant government agents wonder why Americans don't like it when they take "A Little Bit More"

REJOICE that "Only in America" are we so free, even as those freedoms are imperiled

NEVER FORGET the values our forefathers gave their lives for in "A Time of Kings."

Several great talents lent their voices, devoted their musicianship and technical skills, and generously gave their time to help create this music … simply because they so value the message of freedom. Can it be any less important to you?

If you've been fighting for the Bill of Rights, then you know how the other side uses emotion to drown out our logical arguments. This CD will help you fight back with their own weapons -- and go them one better. "I Will Live Free" combines an emotional medium -- music -- with all the strong, logical reasons to preserve freedom.

Niether preachy nor heavy-handed, these songs range from sad to funny to heartbreaking to inspiring. They're top-quality tunes, all skillfully written to sell the freedom message. (You'll find yourself singing them in the shower!)

You can multiply the effect of this powerful patriotic music. Take a copy of "I Will Live Free" to your local radio station and encourage them to play these songs on the air. (Even talk show hosts have told us they're eagerly awaiting this CD to complement their usual format.) It's a great antidote to dreadful musical mishmashes like the “World Anthem” put out by the globalist MindShare Foundation.

There are so many things you can do with "I Will Live Free." It makes a great holiday gift – it can play at a civic function – it can beckon folks to your booth at a gun show -- it can make your Bill of Rights Day celebration (December 15) a toe-tapping party to remember.

As songwriter Dan Starr reminds us, the overarching goal is to "create a Bill of Rights Culture -- a culture in which every single citizen KNOWS and INSISTS on his rights and responsibilities. A culture in which governments don't dare infringe on the rights of informed, determined citizens."

There's never really been anything like "I Will Live Free" -- powerful patriotic music that can appeal to anyone of any faith or musical taste. We need more people in the freedom movement, and this CD will help you move them. No need to argue or lecture – just play this rousing music and get it repeating in people's heads.

Get your copy for just $17.91, postpaid to U.S. addresses. (The price honors 1791, the year the Bill of Rights was ratified.). Every order gets two free Gran’pa Jack booklets: No. 3 "It's Common Sense to Use Our Bill of Rights," and No. 5 "The United Nations is Killing Your Freedoms."

To hear preview clips from “I Will Live Free,” visit You can order online as well, or by calling (800) 869-1884. Now is the time for some fun with a patriotic purpose!

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