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December 15 -- Top Priority:
Bill of Rights Day

By Richard W. Stevens

Experienced hunters can spot game amazingly quickly in forests. Target shooters almost effortlessly picture the sight alignment right over the bull’s eye. All Americans need to develop an instinct for protecting the Bill of Rights ... and a reflex to question even suspected violations of rights.

Bill of Rights Day, December 15 every year, gives us a chance to recall our precious rights, to celebrate them, and to teach them to the younger generations. December 15 is the date in 1791 when the Bill of Rights was ratified. It’s a day to make every American a sharpshooter for liberty.

Owing to the great efforts of JPFO members and supporters and others, the states of New Jersey, South Dakota, Florida, Virginia and California, as well as a number of local government entities have recognized an official Bill of Rights Day (BORD). All over the country there are clubs, scout troops, and families taking time to commemorate BORD.

But it’s not all beer and pretzels. The Bill of Rights, like a pearl of great price, is always the target of robbers, con artists and sneak thieves. With every generation we need to raise up civilian defenders for it. Here’s a plan for December 15:

* Learn what the Bill of Rights really contains. Read a copy.

* Share the Bill of Rights with others, especially young people.

* Find out how the Bill of Rights is under attack.

* Make a resolution to do something to explain, promote and transmit the truth about the Bill of Rights to other Americans, to new or prospective citizens, to others yearning for the message of liberty.

* Become a Liberty Sharpshooter -- be able to spot a Bill of Rights violation at 150 yards! For each of these following policies or programs, do you know how the Bill of Rights might be involved? (hints at the end)

(1) People being detained on U.S. territory without formal charges or a trial?

(2) Government agents searching home computers without a warrant?
(3) Defendants facing trial in state court and federal court for the same crimes?

(4) Advocates claiming that only the state and national government have a right to possess firearms?

(5) Laws that forbid priva ies from promoting political candidates in the media?

(6) Federal agents stopping and body-searching airline passengers, and confiscating private property, all without probable cause?

Especially in wartime, Americans must double their efforts to keep government power in check and to preserve the Bill of Rights. True patriots see no conflict between protecting individual rights and protecting the nation.

Some powerful tools can help you make Bill of Rights Day special and fruitful:

The Bill of Rights in eleven languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and more -- available for printing at the website:

Bill of Rights Day Video: inspiring to liberty and training to party!

Gran'pa Jack #3: The comic-style booklet for all ages that explains every right in the Bill of Rights, and shows how many are in danger today.

Gran’pa Jack #5: The booklet that unmasks the United Nations, how it runs opposite to American values, and how it endangers liberty worldwide.

The State vs. The People: Comprehensive, fully-documented, this book reveals the true nature of the police state and how our beloved America is lurching in the wrong direction.

I Will Live Free: The Compact Disc full of professionally-produced, inspiring tunes in many styles, calling to mind the glory of freedom and the awesome cost ... with dramatic coverage of the words and spirit of the first 10 Amendments.

Bill of Rights Limited Edition Commemorative Pistol: For the true gun enthusiast, it’s a John Browning-designed 1911A1 pistol that is uniquely numbered and chambers the .45 ACP cartridge. Finished completely in jeweler's grade nickel silver, and overlaid with 24-karat gold is a synopsis of the Bill of Rights ... prominently including the Second Amendment.

These are just some of the products to help you celebrate BORD and defend our rights all year long. To learn more and to order any of these products, just all JPFO at (800) 869-1884 or click on Get our e-mail Alerts free. Join JPFO -- still only $20 annual dues -- and you don’t have to be Jewish to join!

* * *

(Hints for six questions above: (1) 5th & 6th Amend. (2) 4th Amend. (3) 5th Amend. (4) 2nd, 9th & 10th Amend. (5) 1st Amend. (6) 4th Amend.)

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