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Keep Your Powder Dry -- Major Events Planned for 2003

By Aaron Zelman

Thanks to our thousands of members and supporters, we accomplished much in the year 2002. Some highlights:

* We published one of our most important books: The State vs. The People. Because the government school system has so neglected the issue, the vast majority of Americans know nothing about police state policies. This book exposes what motivates the police state, how police state policies operate, and how to detect and oppose those policies in the U.S.A. ($19.95 postage paid.)

* Mid-year we issued the music CD entitled I Will Live Free, the great collection of original tunes that deliver the Bill of Rights message. It’s not just great music – it’s a new and fun way to influence hearts and minds of Americans of all ages. Erich Pratt, Communications Director for Gun Owners of America, and father of 7, praised the CD as "very creative and entertaining. The I Will Live Free CD teaches students important truths regarding our Bill of Rights, utilizing very catchy tunes. My kids thoroughly enjoyed this CD." ($17.91 postage paid.)

* Most of the world’s population can now access and understand the U.S. Bill of Rights. How? By accessing our website, where the Bill is set forth in eleven languages, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and more! Using their Internet connection and a mouse, Americans can share the good news about our precious rights with people everywhere!

* Thousands of firearms owners nationwide have received our effective and timely commentaries by these columns in the Shotgun News.

* Internet users, also in the thousands, have received JPFO Alert messages that provided them key news items, information sources and intellectual ammunition. Our Internet website at continues to draw traffic and generate new members and supporters.

Our Biggest Project Ever!

All year long we have been writing the screenplay, gathering the photographs and film footage, and actually producing our documentary film Innocents Betrayed. Our schedule is targeting Spring 2003 for release.

Innocents Betrayed shows why victim disarmament is the necessary key element to horrific genocide. Viewers will come away understanding that "gun control" is a deadly idea. As we say, it's not about duck hunting, and it's not about trigger locks and magazine capacities; it's about saving millions of innocent lives.

The amount of work involved in producing an hour-long broadcast-quality film has been astounding. As of this writing, we have actually completed about 50% of the project. Take a look at the introductory video clip at

Another sponsor has joined forces with us and is making a special offer to readers. It is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada. Front Sight wants to help JPFO complete this project with the best quality and impact that we can get. At the same time, Front Sight wants to increase civilian firearms skills for defense of home and country. So, for a limited time only, Front Sight will send a $300 donation to the film project every person that enrolls in Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps through this link:

(Interested persons can also call (800) 987-7719 and mention the “JPFO” offer)

Get On Board!

It’s not too late to make history and support the Innocents Betrayed project. Donate $250 or more and become a member of the Producer’s Circle. Members’ names are listed with the on-screen credits of Innocents Betrayed. Members also receive two books and a free copy of the film. (Corporations and groups can also become members with a $1,000 contribution or more).

Donations of any amount will help our cause move aggressively forward on the cultural battlefield where the forces for victim disarmament have dominated too long. This film fights back with powerful imagery that can reach people everywhere – even reach people who won’t sit to read about the facts or listen to debates.

WW II Death Camp Film Available Now

United States Army cameras filmed the conditions in the Nazi death camps during their liberation. We’re offering a 60-minute video containing these films, along with copies of the Nazi “gun control” laws that disarmed the victims for the camps. Nazi Death Camps – The Results of “Gun Control” is available now: $24.95 VHS, $29.95 DVD. Get the film, and for only $10 more, you can get the book Death by “Gun Control” – save over 35% on this package deal. All prices include postage.

To learn more and to order any of these items, just all JPFO at (800) 869-1884 or click on Get our e-mail Alerts free. Join JPFO -- still only $20 annual dues -- and you don’t have to be Jewish to join!

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