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GCA '68: What Your Politician Never Told You

By Aaron Zelman

Why would a U.S. senator in 1968 be vitally interested in the structure and contents of a Nazi law of 1938? We cannot ask the late Senator Thomas J. Dodd personally.

But we can look at the facts. Thomas Dodd served as a senior member of the team of U.S. prosecutors at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals in 1945-46. In that position, Dodd had access to and doubtless reviewed Nazi laws.

Something about the Nazi laws must have intrigued Dodd. As a senator from Connecticut, Dodd chaired committee hearings on bills "To Require Registration of Firearms" and to build a national firearms owner database. Many of Nazi Germany's social engineering schemes – including its civilian disarming and murdering programs – rested on national citizen registration and tracking. Is that what Senator Dodd had learned from the Nazis?

A Senator Learns From The Masters

As it happens, Senator Dodd owned personally a copy of the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938. Before the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA 68) was enacted, Senator Dodd asked the Library of Congress to translate Dodd's own copy of that Law. Confirming this fact is the July 12, 1968 letter from the law librarian to Senator Dodd. Following is the letter in its entirety (names omitted - bold added):


Dear Senator Dodd:

Your request of July 2, 1968, addressed to the Legislative Reference Service, for the translation of several German laws has been referred to the Law Library for attention.

In compliance with your request and with reference to several telephone conversations between Miss F of your Office and Mr. K, European Law Division, we are enclosing herewith a translation of the Law on Weapons of March 18, 1938, prepared by Dr. S of that Division, as well as the Xerox copy of the original German text which you supplied.

The translation of the Decree implementing the Law on Weapons of March 19, 1938, and the pertinent provisions of the Federal Hunting Law of March 30, 1961, is in preparation and will be sent to you as soon as completed.


Our book, Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny, contains a photocopy of the entire letter. Our book also shows how GCA 68 tracks the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 in structure and effect. The framers of GCA 68 apparently borrowed even the idea of classifying weapons according to their "sporting purpose" from the Nazi Law's "hunting weapons" terminology.

The Unspoken Intent?

What else did the Nazi Weapons Law and GCA 68 share? Read what Robert Sherrill, the strongly anti-gun author of The Saturday Night Special (1973), declared after investigating the background of GCA 68:

"The Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed not to control guns but to control blacks …"

Because of the urban riots of the early and mid-1960s, Sherrill explained, white liberals dreaded the idea that black Americans might be armed. "Gun control" ideas at that time, such as banning mail order gun sales, aimed to cut off supplies of weapons to black Americans (regardless of any individual person's criminal background).

So – ideas about race underlay GCA 68. And ideas about race underlay the 1938 Nazi Weapons Law. When it came to disarming a minority (and even a majority), the Nazis had proven their skills. If Senator Dodd were looking for a model that "worked," then he could have simply reached back into his Nuremberg files for the Nazi blueprint.

Seem farfetched? Not at all. The earliest "gun control" laws in America were designed to disarm Africans in America. As "gun control" is always about "people control," it shouldn't be surprising that totalitarian regimes could offer plenty of great suggestions on the subject.

Proof in Print

To see how the 1938 Nazi Weapons Law links to GCA 68, and to learn the racist roots of "gun control" in America, you need one book and one booklet. "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny shows the Nazi-GCA 68 connection by giving the full text of the laws in German and English, along with the various "enabling acts," and pointing out the parallels. Gateway to Tyranny also includes interviews with genocide survivors who consider "gun control" an advance warning. (It costs only $22.90 postage paid, while supplies last.)

Gran'pa Jack booklet No. 4, entitled, "Gun Control Is Racist," documents the pre- and post-Civil War laws that directly and indirectly aimed to disarm minorities in America. (Free with purchase of Gateway book; regularly $3.00 postage paid, volume discounts available).

Present these facts to the doubters and fence-sitters in your world … and watch them splutter, groan and go silent. How can they refute the documented truth?

See the original letter from The Library of Congress admitting that they translated the Nazi weapons laws for the late Senator Thomas Dodd, author of the 1968 Gun Control Act.

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