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You Didn’t Really Believe Those Promises, Did You?

By Aaron Zelman

After George W. Bush assumed the Presidency in 2001, the NRA exulted in its direct connection and influence inside the White House. Many Americans thought that the new President would be a friend to gun owners. When Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft told the Senate committee that he believed that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, gun owners celebrated. With the “right people” in the White House, supported by the supposedly pro-gun party controlling one or both houses of Congress, gun owners rested easy, expecting great things.

Nineteen months before the next general election: has any federal “gun control” law been repealed? Have the FBI and BATF discontinued their gun owner tracking systems? Has anything become more favorable on the federal level for firearms ownership?

Why So Weak On This No-Brainer?

In April 2003, the Bush administration leaked the President’s intention to renew and extend the 1994 “Assault Weapons Ban” that was enacted by the Congress and the anti-gun Clinton Administration. BOHICA. Elected by a swell of pro-gun voters, President Bush apparently plans to ride the sleepy inertia of those voters and renege on his Administration’s gun rights promises.

Contrary to media myth-mongering, the “assault weapons” issue is not difficult. The so-called “assault weapons” in question are nothing more than semi-automatic rifles. They aren't flamethrowers or rocket launchers. They employ 100-year-old technology. These rifles use cartridges that are not the most powerful available, and the bullets are not special. National statistics show that these semi-automatic rifles are rarely used in homicide.

Bottom line: there is no special fact about “assault weapons” (semi-automatic rifles) that justifies regulating them or banning them. By telling the truth fearlessly, clearly and often, the Administration could convince many Americans that the ban on “assault weapons” is unjustified, silly, and unconstitutional. The ban actually contains a “sunset” provision – the ban would be disappear automatically if Congress simply ignores it. So why is the Bush Administration -- supposedly pro-gun -- suggesting that it wants the “Assault Weapons Ban” renewed?

There can only be one answer: Mr. Bush and his advisers do not really believe their own statements about the right to keep and bear arms. These politicians use the “gun issue” to draw in voters who desperately want to believe that someone in power will protect our rights.

The desire to acquire and hold power motivates such men and women -- not the love of principles, rights or the Constitution. Even if Mr. Bush personally treasures the Second Amendment and firearms ownership, he desires power more. There is no other way to explain his wish to extend the pointless “Assault Weapons Ban.”

Americans, Get Off Your Knees

Have you trusted the system of campaigning and contributing and voting and writing letters to elected officials? Certainly at the federal level, that system has betrayed gun owners for decades. The political system is broken, it dangles and whips in the wind of polls and stats and sound bites. Decent citizens meekly begging for favors from politicians whom they have elected -- it’s pathetic.

Victory can come only by awakening the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans. We have to do it on our own. Every person we can win, one by one, moves us closer to the America we want, love and deserve. It’s the highest and best use of our time, money and effort.

We have developed the tools for you to use – here are just a few:

  • The Last of the BOHICANS -- shows how and why the political system consistently dupes and betrays gun owners. Free at
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  • “Gun Control” Kills Kids! – loveable curmudgeon Gran'pa Jack delivers the sobering truth about global victim disarmament. $3.00 per copy; $20 for 50 copies.
  • The State vs. The People -- fully documents the nature of police states and the rise of police state policies in America. $19.95 per copy; volume discounts available.
  • Innocents Betrayed -- after seeing this forthcoming documentary film, no one can remain “undecided” about the horror of victim disarmament ideas. View a clip and stay tuned at

Take the liberty message to the country – to one person or a hundred people – but take a crucial step forward today. Order any of the above materials at our website at or by calling (800) 869-1884. All prices shown above include U.S. postage paid. Join JPFO – still only $20 annual dues.

Don't sit back and just "let George do it" – because it looks like George never will. It's up to us. All of us. Now.

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