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Fireworks for Firearms

By Richard W. Stevens

Fireworks on the Fourth of July. Could there be any scene more truly American?

When we watched the booms and flashes in that night sky, or set off our own private displays, did we notice the obvious? The booms mimic cannon blasts. The flashes recall the incendiaries and the fiery explosions. The rapid bang-bang-bangs sound like small arms fire.

The Fourth of July commemorates the start of … a war! It even looks and sounds like war. It should be obvious, but how many Americans realize that the Fourth of July – Independence Day -- is all about guns.

Guns for the defense of homeland. Guns to throw off a tyrannical regime. Guns to establish a new nation. Guns to protect life and liberty for all.

Among the first battles of the Revolutionary War were about guns. The British forces aimed to capture the colonists' firearms and stores of ammunition. Local non-governmental militias, formed with private citizens and often with privately owned weapons, resisted the disarmament program.

Our Heroes' Sacrifices – in Vain?

Fighting, and sometimes dying, to protect and defend the free country we call America, has been the proud sacrificial mission mainly of our military. So it has been from the Revolutionary War all the way to the latest missions in the Middle East. On Memorial Day each year we pay tribute specifically to fallen soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen -- to those who gave that last full measure of devotion to defend this country in war.

So many military members met their ends in ditches and rice paddies, tanks and bunkers, down below decks in ships or hurtling in aircraft far from their squadrons ... or starving on death marches or succumbing to blood poisoning in POW camps. Few went out in the blaze of glory that John Wayne and Mel Gibson movies sometimes portray.

To those men and women who served and died, and to those who came home injured and scarred, we owe a huge debt of gratitude. On Memorial Day, and again on other civic holidays like Independence Day, we should soberly reflect on whether the military sacrifices have been worthwhile ... and to think about what has happened to America. Are the ideals of our Revolutionary Forefathers still respected? When the heroes of World War II came back to America, was it the same America that they fought to protect?

Read Aaron Zelman's searching commentary: "You Won the Battle But Lost the War." It's an open letter to our fathers and grandfathers who stood up against the great killers and the great tyrannies of the 20th Century. The message is for Americans young and old. It is available, free, at

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