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Rosie vs. Reality: What Every Woman Must Know

By Richard W. Stevens

Suppose a Hollywood star or a political figure publicly announced that he or she favored making all women and families helpless and defenseless against vicious thugs. Would women cheer and vow their undying support for that person?

Yet if you believe the published polls and the media news showmen, then it's true: women actually want to be defenseless. Many women don't want to be able to protect themselves or their families from crazies, druggies, violent ex-boyfriends, rapists, home invaders and stalkers. What's more, these women want to prevent other women from protecting themselves, too.

When some women say they want more "gun control," they are actually saying they want to make it harder for peace-loving women to obtain personal and home defense tools. All current and proposed "gun laws" work to discourage firearm ownership. Except for the shall-issue concealed carry rules in some states, none of the "gun laws" does anything to help an endangered woman obtain a firearm and learn how best to use it for self-defense.

Facts About Self-Defense

For the woman who values the safety of herself and her family, a firearm can be literally a lifesaver. Here are the facts:

  • Americans use firearms to protect themselves over 5,000 times per day -- that's over 3 defensive uses every minute.
  • Over 500 women use firearms to defend themselves against sexual assault or abuse each day -- that's one woman protected every 3 minutes.
  • In over 92% of defensive gun use cases, the victim brandished the firearm arm or fired a warning shot only -- no wounding or killing was involved.
  • Research has shown it is safer to defend against violent attack using a firearm than to resist with other means such as wielding knives, hitting back, or running away.
  • National Safety Council data for 1995 show the number of accidental deaths involving firearms misuse are far less than those resulting from accidents involving falls, poison, drowning and fires. This is especially true for children age 14 and under.
  • Regional and national studies confirm that criminals avoid targets (men, women, homes, buildings) where the potential victims might be armed.

Bottom line: Armed citizens are safer.

Facts About Government-ordered Protection

What can the anti-self defense lobby and the government offer to protect women? Let's check the options:


Options   Dangerous realities
Dial 911 / call police   (1) Police have no legal duty to respond and prevent crime or protect the victim
(2) 95% of the time police arrive too late to prevent a crime or arrest the suspect
Cell phone 911   (1) In over 90% of U.S., technology does not give dispatcher the location of caller (who might be lost or unable to explain)
(2) Worthless if phone or cell don't function at the time
Restraining/Protective Orders   (1) 75% of orders are violated
(2) Police often won't enforce unless they
witness the violation
(3) An order is a piece of paper ...
"Gun control" laws   Disarm victims, have no effect on criminals.
User-restricted firearms   (1) Mandatory trigger locks slow down the defender only, not the attacker.
(2) Electronic restriction chip can fail / battery can die.

Tell Women The Truth

Don't ask women whether they favor more "gun control" laws. Ask them instead: "do you favor laws that prevent women from protecting themselves and their families from violent criminals?" Women need to understand that the real issue is self-defense. Every three minutes there is a woman defending herself with a sidearm.

Violence against women is immoral, illegal and intolerable. That's why it's wrong to disarm women and leave them defenseless against predators.

To bring this point home, JPFO has a nationwide billboard campaign with a matching funds program to get local people involved. The theme: Rapists love trigger locks. These billboards show exactly how crucial a defensive firearm is for women.

Get involved today by calling (800) 869-1884 or (800) 869-1884. See the billboard at

Ask about JPFO's all-new myth-busting booklet "Can Gun Control Make You Safer?"

(Research references for this column available on request.)


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