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Win The Argument – Without Saying A Word

By Richard W. Stevens

Quick! Give the most powerful, convincing argument for the private right to keep and bear arms!

While you're at it, show how "gun control" ideas paved the way for the major 20th Century genocides, the enslavement and persecution of millions. And then explain how the same kinds of "gun control" ideas made possible the September 11 terrorist airplane-hijacking attack on the U.S., and even the horrible pitchfork deaths of little children in California.

Can you make this case in writing? Can you give a speech on it?

That's a tough job for anyone – even if you practice for it. And to do it quickly and convincingly, that's even tougher.

The Gun Rights Genie

Now look in your right hand. Presto! You're holding a videotape or DVD entitled Innocents Betrayed. You simply insert it into the player, push the button, and watch.

It doesn't matter if the audience is just you, or your family, your scout troop, your classroom, or your civic group. Without your uttering a word, history's most powerful arguments for gun rights come to life.

It's that simple!

Work Smarter

Maybe you've written to politicians or submitted letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines. Maybe you've even invested time and money arranging to meet with political leaders and talk about the Second Amendment. Or you've spent hours trying to explain gun rights to family members or coworkers.

Don't feel bad. These techniques just don't pack the wallop that we'd really like to deliver.

With the documentary film Innocents Betrayed, you'll be able to work smarter. More efficiently. More effectively. The new film will give you a compact, concise, fast-paced dynamic audio-visual tool – exactly what 21st Century Americans seem to need to get their attention … and to convince them.

You'll Get Results

Visualize the faces of gun prohibitionists in the audience when this film plays at a civic group meeting. Consider how hearing and seeing the truth will impact high school students or scouts for life. Imagine how your discussions with anti-rights family members and friends will shift in your favor after they have seen Innocents Betrayed – and they can't escape the message!

Ask an elected official to read a full-length book, and there's only a small chance that he or she will read it. But it takes no work and little time for people to view the first few minutes of Innocents Betrayed. And once they start, it will be hard for them to stop. Even a busy congressman or city councilman can find a few minutes to watch a video.

The Power of Video

Remember the documentary film, Rules of Engagement, about the attack and destruction in 1993 of the Branch Davidian church complex at Waco, Texas? My sons were too young to read books and articles about the Waco massacre, but when they saw the film, they understood. And they were shocked and upset by it. Afterward they asked a lot of questions. I never had to lecture them about Waco – the film showed them the facts, and they saw what had happened. All I had to do was frankly and honestly answer their follow up questions.

It's just a fact. Video powerfully affects people in the 21st Century. Video gets the message across quickly and to the bone. Innocents Betrayed will speed past the distractions and into the viewers' minds. Viewers might have questions; some might even ask for documented proof. If you have a copy of Death by "Gun Control," then you can answer the questions and cite the documented sources for the facts in the film.

When the viewers have seen what you already know, the discussion shifts onto territory where you have the upper hand… because you have the truth.

Stay Tuned

It's not only about winning debates, however. It's about keeping your guns and your rights. When people see the direct connection between "gun control" ideas and mass murders, like genocide, school shootings and the September 11 attack, then "gun control" ideas and believers will be like cockroaches floating in a punch bowl.

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