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Two Minutes Minus an Hour

By Kenneth V.F. Blanchard

You can do a lot of things in two minutes. You can run, walk or swim a great distance. I suggest you use at least two minutes to prepare yourself for the remaining hour needed to watch JPFO's powerful film called Innocents Betrayed.

You'll need to prepare yourself because, if you don't understand what men and government can do if they go unchecked, then you are in for a shock.

Innocents Betrayed is a brief history of what happens when there are no advocates of personal freedoms, no checks and balances, and no understanding of human nature. This is a gripping documentary that concisely gives you a snapshot of times in world history many of us selectively choose to forget.

Ignorance is not bliss when you are powerless. When law-abiding, good people give up their rights to protect themselves in exchange for the ideal of a better world they are always betrayed.

This poignant film visually reminds us that from the Carolinas to Cambodia that power corrupts. It reminds us that, although we live in a microwave generation, mankind has changed little. We live in a time of great inventions and comfort but must be ever vigilant because freedom isn't free.

I give two warning to viewers about this film. The first is that it is not science fiction. It actually happened.

The second is that it can scrape your "life is good" mentality like a rug burn. I dare you to embrace the grim subject matter to help you remember how far we have come and yet how close we still are to repeating history by supporting "feel good" legislation.

I challenge you to see the whole picture that subtly tells us that we are responsible for what we allow to happen in our world. This film shows us millions of people who have been betrayed by popular, good looking, charismatic, and articulate people.

Innocents Betrayed is an eye opener for the sleeping masses weaned on sound bytes, lies and music video.

Watching this film struck a nerve in me. I am a descendant of institutionalized American slavery. My people have survived legal lynchings, rape, and castrations for even thinking of owning a firearm.

Each of us in America shares a rich heritage of surviving atrocities forced on them because they were not able to defend themselves. We have freedoms only dreamed about in other lands. This film is a not-so-gentle reminder that ignorance is not bliss.

I highly recommend Innocents Betrayed for your library. Take two minutes to consider how many copies you need and use the other fifty-eight to watch this informative and insightful video to teach, inform and wake up the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Honor your ancestors by living their dream deferred. Honor their struggle by fighting for freedom for the next generation, never to forget, and never to surrender.

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