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New Gun Bans Invade Every State --
Are You Equipped to Fight Back?

By The Liberty Crew

“Assault weapons are a lethal threat to every community and should be banned from civilian use.” So writes the Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV) in its comprehensive action manual entitled Banning Assault Weapons -- A Legal Primer for State and Local Action, published in April, 2004.

According to the LCAV, “assault weapons are semi-automatic firearms designed with military features to allow rapid and accurate spray firing.” A semi-auto firearm has a “military feature” if it has any one of the following: detachable magazine, forward handgrip, barrel shroud, thumbhole stock or pistol grip, folding or telescoping stock or recoil compensator.

The LCAV is now agitating for state and local laws to ban all of these semi-auto guns outright and everywhere, and to confiscate any such guns already in circulation. Right now the LCAV is pushing its “Model Law to Ban Assault Weapons” to forbid the manufacture, possession, importation, purchase and transfer of “assault weapons” and “large capacity magazines” that hold more than ten rounds.

Why is the LCAV pushing for state and local gun bans? Because the LCAV knows that most states’ courts will uphold such laws, in spite of the federal Second Amendment and any state constitutional rights.

Stop The Ban Machine

What can stop the LCAV’s plan to ban more guns? Local action in every state and city in the United States -- local action that stands on the undeniable truth that firearms ownership saves lives in the millions.

The fight must not be about whether a semi-auto firearm has a “military feature.” We must oppose the gun bans categorically. All of them are wrong, none of them are reasonable. Every gun owner must know that truth to a moral certainty. And then we can start moving together to bring others along to the same certainty.

Is there a tool to help gun owners understand better? A tool to actually convert undecideds and anti-gun folks to truly grasp the vital issues?

Yes! The documentary film, Innocents Betrayed, has proven that using compelling visuals and undeniable facts to deliver the truth actually works. Visit our website to see the testimonials from viewers across the nation. Eyes opened, hearts moved, minds changed. This film works!

Watch Innocents Betrayed. Lend it to a fellow gun owner. Show it to your gun club or to your political group.

You don’t need to say a word. The message of Innocents Betrayed will reach your audience. Gun bans -- just exactly like those that the LCAV pushes -- have a terrible track record of pain, persecution and death. Millions of men, women and children died because of the LCAV vision of a world of powerless, defenseless civilians.

Can We Unite?

The LCAV claims that 77% of American voters favor the current federal “assault weapons” ban, including 66% of gun owners. That’s right, they say that 2/3 of all gun owners favor the gun ban. That can only be true if 2/3 of all gun owners just do not understand how gravely important gun ownership is to saving human life.

Innocents Betrayed shows why these fellow gun owners are terribly misguided. Every gun owner needs to see this film -- ASAP -- before the next round of gun bans sail into law. You can make the difference by ordering the film now.

"Innocents Betrayed will knock the wind out of any claim that the world will be safer when all its civilians are disarmed." -- Guns & Ammo, May 2004.

"If every senator and representative ... watch[ed] this video many of our problems concerning the infringement of our ... rights would end." -- Bryan DuBois, letter to the editor, NRA America's 1st Freedom, May 2004.

Buy a copy of Innocents Betrayed using this coupon. Get one of the most valuable self-defense tools you've ever owned -- a tool that can change opponents' minds in less than an hour.

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