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We Can’t Protect Our Rights Empty-Handed

By Richard W. Stevens

Ever tried to persuade somebody about the right to keep and bear arms – empty handed? It’s happened to all of us at least once: the questions come, and we have the general answers, but no details and no sources to back us up. We’ve all had conversations just about like this:

Q: “Why does anybody need a gun nowadays?”

A: “Millions of people use firearms every year to stop a crime or drive away a criminal.”

Q: “Millions of people? Where did you get that figure?”

A: “Well, I read it somewhere, and it’s true. I just don’t have the source handy.”

Q: “Uh-huh. I’ve read in the paper that people are more likely to be killed by their own gun in their home than they are to use a gun to defend themselves. And I’ve seen lots a stories about kids getting guns, and gun accidents on TV. So I don’t know where you’re getting your facts … but what I’ve seen is common knowledge.”

A: “I know that guns are used defensively millions of times each year. I’ll have to dig up that information for you … now where did I keep that clipping…”

This embarrassing scene never has to happen again – Gran’pa Jack is back with a new booklet entitled: "Will Gun Control Make You Safer?"

In just 18 easy-reading pages, this new booklet demolishes 21 “gun control” myths. How? By giving the straight facts and citing the sources for every fact.

As you are reading this column, try to answer these questions:

1. Do cities with restrictive “gun control” laws have lower crime rates?

2. Do the police have a legal obligation to protect you and your family?

3. Which city lowered its burglary rate by 89% by changing its “gun control” policies?

4. Do police officers generally favor private firearms ownership?

5. Is the average citizen in more danger having a gun than not having one?

Could you answer these questions? Do you know where the facts can be found?

Clearly and powerfully Gran’pa Jack answers these and many other questions, all in a handy comic-style format that is fun to read. This new booklet, number six in the Gran’pa Jack series, does more than fortify your own knowledge. It’s a straight-forward educational outreach to Americans who don’t yet know the whole truth.

"Will Gun Control Make You Safer?" That is the question many Americans must answer. Right now the victim disarmers are urging that “gun control” laws will make everyone safer and more secure. Safety is a key point.

That is why JPFO titled the new booklet to squarely address the issue: "Will Gun Control Make You Safer?" When an undecided American sees the documented facts in this booklet, he or she gets the truth that the major media and anti-self defense lobby refuses to tell. Gun owners need copies of this booklet for themselves and for friends, relatives, teens, and anyone else who might be unsure about the issue.

Here are just some of the 21 myths this booklet explodes:

* When people carry firearms, every disagreement will turn into a shootout.

* Countries with restrictive gun laws have a lower crime rate than America.

* Mandatory trigger locks and “smart guns” always reduce the danger from firearms misuse.

* “Gun control” is “crime control.”

Don’t let the myths and lies go unchallenged. Empower yourself to defend American liberty. Multiply the power of the truth by placing this new booklet with as many people as you can.

The truth in this booklet enrages the anti-freedom crowd – another great reason to distribute copies far and wide.

Call (800) 869-1884 or (800) 869-1884 today to order "Will Gun Control Make You Safer?" Or click on Single copies are $3.00 each – 25 copies are just $14.00. Larger volume discounts are available. JPFO pays the postage for all booklet orders. Free gifts available with orders of 125 (or more) of any of the Gran-pa Jack booklets.


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