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Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


You say you want “strict enforcement of existing gun laws.” Are you sure? Read what happened to John Glover.

John Glover learned gunsmithing on the job at a shop in North Carolina. He got involved buying parts kits and assembling rifles from the parts. He would buy all the parts and materials for about $500 and sell the assembled rifles, models that looked like Austrian-made FAL models, for $600-$700. Some of the FAL rifles contained foreign-made parts.

Somehow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) found out that Mr. Glover had made and sold these FAL rifles. As it happens, one of the firearms was an FAL STG 58, which had a three-position selector switch on the side plate that might suggest that the rifle was fully automatic.

The BATFE field agents supposedly checked several of Mr. Glover’s rifles and reported that six of them “field-tested positive as possibly being fully-automatic.” BATFE agents confiscated seven of Mr. Glover’s FAL rifles, and test fired them all at a range. The BATFE firearms expert produced a report in which he concluded that six of the seven FAL rifles were “semiautomatic” weapons.

One of the weapons, the BATFE expert said, would shoot “automatically more than one shot without manual reloading by a single function of the trigger,” and therefore was a “machinegun.”

At this point, the BATFE field agents had accused Mr. Glover of manufacturing fully automatic firearms, but had been wrong about all but one of the guns they seized. There’s more to the story.


The Truth Is On the Tape

Recall that the BATFE expert initially said that one of the FAL-type weapons tested out as a “machinegun.”The testing was done in front of a video camera.

On the videotape, you can see the BATFE agent struggling to get that FAL rifle to fire automatically. It won’t. And it won’t. Oops, there it fired a couple of shots in a row. Next time, nope. The rifle only randomly fires automatically. Do you know why?

An independent firearms expert examined the firearm and watched the videotape. The independent expert’s report explained it: “The FN-FAL type rifle, serial number KR2048, is malfunctioning. It is not designed or redesigned, manufactured or remanufactured, to be a machinegun.” Instead, “worn firing pin components do explain why two (2) out of twelve (12) tests in the automatic setting fired bursts … This is a malfunction which is very dangerous and could be fatal to the user.”

This seems like a funny story until you realize that Mr. Glover’s life was turned upside down by the federal felony indictments against him. He had to hire a defense lawyer and a firearms expert to prepare a defense against these charges of illegally manufacturing and possessing machineguns without a license. His firearms were confiscated; he now has a record of arrest and indictment.


Confiscation Is “For Keeps”

Once the BATFE knew the true reasons why the one firearm randomly fired multiple rounds on a single trigger pull, the BATFE would call off the machine gun prosecution and return the guns, right?

No. The BATFE has never conceded that the firearms are not fully-automatic and that its tests proved wrong. To date, although the prosecution was dropped, BATFE has refused to return the confiscated rifles to Mr. Glover.

You can get a copy of the raw footage of BATFE agents attempting to fire Mr. Glover’s FN-FAL in full-auto mode. You can watch how, after extensive testing, it became obvious that the rifle was not a “machine gun.”

Let the facts sink in: if you have a semi-automatic firearm, then you can suffer the same fate as John Glover. On the incorrect or trumped up suspicion of some BATFE agents that your gun has been modified to fire full-auto, you can be dragged into a federal gun law prosecution. If your gun misfires under testing, some BATFE “expert” will say it was modified to fire full-auto. Then you’ll be spending lots of money and sleepless nights worrying about proving to the government courts that the government agents are wrong.

Get this video and then you’ll understand why “strictly enforcing the existing gun laws” is wrong — a zero tolerance for existing gun laws is right. Order the BATFE Testing Video — it’s only $17.76 (postage paid), DVD or VHS. See for yourself.

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