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Damnable Lies That Killed a School

By The Liberty Crew
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Imagine that you are a new security guard in a school known for troubled teens and violence. From your office window you see a student step out of a truck and fire two shotgun blasts into the air. Wearing a long black trenchcoat opened to reveal more weapons, the student carrying the shotgun approaches your office.

Visions of the worst possible scenario -- Columbine -- blink in your mind. You must protect the students. You must act.

But you are unarmed. Your security guard partner is unarmed as well. You have no bullet-proof vest. You deploy your only defensive tactic: radio for help.

The attacker looks into your office windows, searches for the door, finds it, enters and fires the gun. You shout at your partner to run away with you, but instead he stalls the attacker a few seconds. You run out the door. Two shotgun blasts later, your partner is dead.

You shout to students to run away, and many do run away with you. The attacker enters a classroom, kills the teacher and several students, and grievously wounds many others. One brave student, who tries to fight the attacker by wrestling with him and stabbing him with a pencil, is shot and gravely injured.

Hellish moments, deadly results. You won’t forget those flashing seconds or the faces of the dead. Ever.

True Story – Gun Control’s Shame

Every word of this story is true, according to press reports. It all happened on Monday, March 21, 2005, at Red Lake High School in Minnesota. The security guard on duty was a 20-year old woman with two young children at home. Her partner, Derrick Brun, was 28.

No question: this was a security failure catastrophe. Two causes combined: (1) An armed attacker with a plan to kill, and (2) a “security team” that was unarmed, unprotected, and incapable of defending against this well-known possible threat.

Why were the security guards unarmed at Red Lake High School? Because of “gun control” ideas. Somebody at Red Lake believed the lies that “you’re more likely to be killed if you resist with a gun” and “the presence of guns causes violence.”

Somebody at Red Lake consciously took these actions:

• Hired two young security guards
• Assured the guards were powerless to protect the students, teachers and themselves against armed attackers
• Told the students, teachers and parents that the school would be “safer” with two unarmed security guards, rather than two armed guards.

That “somebody” ignored the post-Columbine warnings against laws and policies that guarantee schools are defense-free zones. That “somebody” deserves a lifetime of chilling nightmares and profound regrets.

The Methods of Mass Murder

The mass killing at Red Lake High School followed the pattern of 20th Century genocides – the same three crucial elements appear in each case: (1) an evil idea to kill innocents, (2) a systematic program of rendering the victims unarmed and undefended, and (3) the betrayal of trust.

In national genocides, the government disarms the victims using various “gun control” schemes. The victims continue to trust the government to protect them and not to kill them, so the victims comply with the “gun control.” The governments betray that trust and murder the victims.

At Red Lake, the killer hatched the evil plan to murder. He killed his grandfather, a police officer, and took weapons. The government had prepared the way for him to kill his next victims by assuring, via “gun control” policies, that nobody at the high school was armed. Despite the recent history of school shootings by armed students, the authorities had successfully convinced the victims to rely upon the school’s unarmed security guard plan. The victims believed the authorities and trusted that they were “safe.” When the armed attacker came to school, the victims’ trust was betrayed – the security plan was guaranteed to fail – and many victims suffered severe injuries and death.

Exactly this message has been available to every American since 2003 in the documentary video, Innocents Betrayed. From the Armenian Genocide to the Nazi Holocaust to the Rwanda Genocide to the Luby’s Cafeteria killings to the 9/11 disaster, the same factors play out. And now again at Red Lake High School.

Help your fellow American understand: “gun control” kills.

If we gun owners fail to communicate this message, then Red Lake, like Columbine, will be added as a bogus justification to register, ban, and confiscate firearms nationwide. We have a choice: either we respond powerfully to the anti-defense propaganda storm, or we surrender our rights and our guns.

Click on, or call (800) 869-1884. Order Innocents Betrayed. See it. Show it to gun owners and others you know. Act now.

Don’t be an unarmed security guard for your rights.

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