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RebelFire: Irresistable!

By Richard W. Stevens

RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone just knocked my red, white and blue socks off! At last, a sci-fi thriller that combines the best of the things that matter most to me. This wonderful new book has it all:

* The penetrating insights of 1984
* The scenario elements of Fahrenheit 451 and Enemy of the State
* The pacing and energy of “24”

And all of these things coming through the eyes of a high-school age boy. That’s the age when discovery is brightest and energy is highest.

To See, To Understand, To Escape

Jeremy, the main character in RebelFire, is growing up in the America that looms in the near future. It's an America where smoking, eating animal fat, and listening to impolitic music will get you captured and reprogrammed. Where merely owning a firearm could get you life in prison. Everyone is tracked day and night via radio frequency ID tags implanted in their wrists. Mind altering drugs Prozac on steroids operate to calm people into comfortable submission. Roving security patrols assure full compliance.

Despite all of the social and chemical controls, Jeremy has a passion for music and excitement, and he starts to find ways to subtly rebel. After witnessing a jackboot attack on innocent people in his town, Jeremy makes some fateful decisions that launch him into a very new and dangerous world.

Colorful characters and fast moving action propel the story to a conclusion that you can’t really predict. Along Jeremy’s path to destiny appear a grizzled underground hero, an enigmatic girl, and a fabulous dog. (Every hunter and home defender would want this dog!)

For readers who like science fiction, RebelFire will fit the bill. Jeremy’s future world is not a Star Wars or Star Trek universe of strange beasties and incomprehensible technology. RebelFire portrays a world just one technology generation away: the evolution of today’s science combined with today’s trends in government and society.

In this book you venture into that future world, you live it and feel it. That’s why you so quickly get into Jeremy’s mind. The freedom-loving American soul in you just can’t tolerate submitting to this kind of world. You feel impelled to know: does Jeremy triumph in freedom? Does he submit to authority and return to the Gray Zone? Or does he come to a very different destiny entirely?

Other reviewers have said they couldn’t put the book down. Now I know why!

Secret Rebel Gift To Younger Readers

RebelFire is a great story for adult readers, but it can be a real rush for younger readers. Openly recommending a book to a teen is likely to result in the teen rejecting the book without reading it. After all, what do adults know about reading books?

But the spirit of clandestine activity and underground rebellion: that’s a tickle and tease that young people cannot easily ignore. So, if you would like to introduce a teen reader to a fabulous story that celebrates the spirit of human freedom, then try this plan: send the book to the teen reader ... from “A Secret Rebel.”

No return address on the package. No hints to your identity. The source of this mysterious book remains cloaked in secrecy.

RebelFire is a perfect gift to a teen reader. And it is not terribly graphic, sordid, vulgar or offensive. It doesn’t need those things to captivate you. No need to worry that the book will offend teen or adult readers.

As a gift for a birthday, holiday, scout promotion, graduation – or for no reason at all – RebelFire won’t disappoint… especially as that mysterious gift from the secret rebel.

Order RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone from the JPFO Store: . Or call: 1-800-869-1884

P.S.: What is the one human value that RebelFire best showcases? Courage. And that’s something every American needs right now.

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