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Gun Owners: It's Time to be Talkin' to America

By The Liberty Crew
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

It’s one thing to be ticked off. It’s better to know why – and then do something about it.

You know a 45-year-old family man who tried to buy a firearm, but the “Brady” check blocked the sale. Why? Because the man was convicted of some penny-ante foolishness that happened in college. Now he’s disarmed for life – and he has to get rid of every gun he owns.

You see an 85-year-old American woman being pat-searched at the airport. Your mom or grandma could be next.

You discover that TSA authorities are detaining a whole family because their 2-year-old child has the same name as somebody on the secret “no fly” list. The family has to get a birth certificate faxed to the airport before TSA will let the infant fly on the plane.

You learn about a gun owner who is prosecuting for possessing a firearm that he used to fight a home invader. The city prosecutor gleefully presses the charges that ruin the gun owner’s life.

You read about colleges where anti-American propaganda is the norm, but pro-American advocacy is called “hate speech.”

These true-life situations enrage you. Yet your rage means nothing but high blood pressure and grinding teeth. Unless you know why these scenes are not just annoying – why they’re insidious invasions of the fundamental principles of our people and our land.

Worse: you can’t get anybody motivated to stop these outrages until they understand those fundamental principles. Where can you turn for help?

Call for the Cavalry

Out of America’s heartland comes the new video: Bill of Rights or Bust! It’s the first episode of the television series, Talkin’ to America.

In an amazingly efficient 21 minutes, this video presents the Bill of Rights in the simplest form possible. Full-color, energetically-narrated, balanced with different views from ordinary Americans, and totally non-political. No agenda – except to explain the Bill of Rights for every American to understand.

Bill of Rights or Bust makes it easy to talk to anyone, even kids, about the fundamental rights that we must preserve.

As gun owners our biggest problem is: many Americans do not understand rights. That’s why they don’t get it when we talk about our right to keep and bear arms or the Second Amendment. That’s why people seem unworried when federal agents:

• stop and search a young mother and her two children, looking for an assault-baby.
• sneak into homes and get computer information without a warrant.
• start rumors among gun owners’ neighbors when gun owners visit a gun show.
• investigate citizens’ library borrowing records.
• detain American citizens indefinitely without a trial.
• outlaw various kinds of guns.

Bill of Rights or Bust lays the groundwork that is needed before Americans can properly take back their nation and restore our rights. Not only does the video present each right in the Bill of Rights, it also offers DVD menu options to spur thoughts and discussion about how these rights are relevant … how the rights are endangered … and which agencies must be watched carefully!

Scouts & Students & Citizens Too!

You can multiply the value of this video in several ways.

* For scout leaders: showing this video can be a meeting event or a citizenship activity that helps lead to a merit badge.
* For parents: if your child gets a class assignment or extra-credit project to watch an educational video or documentary, then Bill of Rights or Bust fits the bill.
* For the school or community: after you watch Bill of Rights or Bust, then show it or lend it to veterans’ organizations, service clubs, other parents and scout leaders. When you’re finished, donate it to your public or private school or to a library.

There is absolutely nothing objectionable about this video. Nothing shocking, nothing partisan, nothing offensive. Everything uplifting – and vitally necessary to set America back on its proper foundations!

Call (800) 869-1884 or click on and follow the links. Regularly $24.95, the introductory price for Bill of Rights or Bust is just $19.95 postage paid. Credit cards accepted. This video has so many uses, it is worth this price and more.

P.S. Don’t just get mad about the outrages and the destruction of our rights and the “PC” invasion … get even. Better yet, get ahead! This video is a bayonet of pure truth – let’s roll!

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