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JPFO gladly offers this film free for you to watch and use, but it was not free for us to produce.  Please help support our efforts and visit the MEMBERSHIP and/or DONATIONS pages at the JPFO Store.

JPFO’s ground breaking DVD – the full explanation of this corner stone of the Bill of Rights.


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"2A Today for The USA" was produced to destroy the gun prohibitionist’s agenda. (Be sure now to also watch and/or download "No Guns for Negroes", JPFO’s subsequent film – after seeing 2A Today. Plus too the even more recent film "No Guns for Jews.")

We encourage the widest distribution of this film – send this page to everyone on your list.  Even if you do not have a DVD copy, store a digital file copy on your USB flash stick so you can keep it handy to show to others on their computers and pass on.  At the foot of this page we show a small sample of the many endorsements that have been received.

You have numerous options for viewing or download, so please follow whichever best suits your wishes, and download/bandwidth options.  PC users can right click and choose ’’save target as’’ on links to download the files to their own computer.

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We still appreciate any late contributions to help defray the costs of this expensive production and thanks to all who have helped in the past. Don’t forget to learn more about other JPFO films, and JPFO "Freebies"

If you have watched the film and like the closing credits song – we now have this available for download as a 2.6Mb MP3 file. This is copyright © JPFO 2008.


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For PC users we offer WMV files for download as follows –

A full version at 43Mb. 
If however it is more convenient for you to do this in three stages then we have a three part option –
2A Today for The USA – Part One, Part Two and Part Three – each is approximately 14Mb.

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Very small file for use as an email attachment if needed.

Email This Very Small File

It has been suggested that we make available a very reduced size file such that it would be small enough for people to easily attach to emails as a trailer and so pass on easily by that means.

Therefore – download this 6Mb WMV file, which is extremely heavily compressed but just adequate to allow for a first viewing, after which a visit to this page (please always add this page link) will permit aquisition of a better quality edition.

Display size is 192 x 144, which if not expanded will still give enough of a watchable 22 minute sample to enable understanding of the film’s essential message. To get this small unfortunately means it is unlikely to run on Macs, unless they have flip4mac wmv installed.

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For Macintosh Quicktime users, we offer for download these MOV files   –

We have available for you the full version of 43Mb or, again a three part option – Part One, Part two and Part Three, all around 14Mb each.

Extra! – we have had a few requests for an MP4 version – we can now offer this but would mention that the file is large – at around 94Mb (and also very fair quality)........ but – please respect JPFO’s bandwidth and only download this large file if really necessary ... . 2A Today MP4 – and at  the very least make copies and distribute widely.
Addition – A member has informed us that if in fact the .MOV is downloaded – which is half the size of the MP4 referred to – the user can exploit QuickTime on their own machine to generate an MP4, thus saving download time and bandwidth.

Note – JPFO is giving away free copies of the top quality DVD with orders/memberships of $25 or more – this is the ultimate choice ... visit our store.

Viewing Options

We have placed a three part version on YouTube.com and the full version on Blip.TV (sorry, this appears to have been removed), but also we have pages here on JPFO where you can view as well – either direct streaming WMV or, accessing the YouTube three part files. Choose from the following ……

NEW ADDITION – To try and assist with those who may be deaf or hard of hearing, we have generated and added a captioned full length version, now available for playing and viewing, here on JPFO. It is hoped this will help a few more be able to fully appreciate this film.

WMV Streaming full version on JPFO –
"2A Today for The USA" – on JPFO – 23 minutes (this version will probably ONLY play in the Internet Explorer browser)

On www.blip.tv – "2a Today for The USA" full version – View here on JPFO .... or at Blip.TV (sorry, this appears to have been removed) – 23 minutes

YouTube "2a Today for The USA" Part One – View here on JPFO .....  View on YouTube – 7 minutes 40
YouTube "2a Today for The USA" Part two – View here on JPFO .....  View on YouTube – 7 minutes 16
YouTube "2a Today for The USA" Part Three – View here on JPFO .....  View on YouTube – 8 minutes 18

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Some Endorsements for "2A Today for The USA"

Here is what others are saying about the FREE on line film produced to make America a 2A nation once again .....

This is my favorite video, I teach Conceal Carry in North Carolina and this video is so important I open the class with it. I have never seen a movie so impressive with so much information on why we have the right to keep and bear arms! This is one of the videos that should be watched by all people! What an awesome piece of work! Thank you so much!! (Gary S, www.concealnc.com)

"An impressive. imaginative, and VERY professional production that portrays the right to arms in an authentic light." (David Hardy, Attorney at Law. Arms and the Law.com. Producer of "In Search of the Second Amendment".)

"2A today for the USA ... Nowhere can one find a better explanation of what the Second Amendment is all about and its historical relevance to our rights and liberty than the wonderful work by the premier defender of that document, the JPFO. Michael Gaddy, columnist for LewRockwell.com . Thanks, Aaron, for all that you do for the 2A."( Michael)

“It’s an absolute MUST watch" (U.S. Concealed Carry Association)

"... should be mandatory for every civics class in every school in this country". (Marinelle Thompson, Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.)

"... If you support rescinding previously enacted gun control laws you’ll enjoy this video". (John Birch Society)

"... one of the best presentations on the right to keep and bear arms I’ve come across". (David Codrea, "War on Guns" blog)

"2A Today for the USA is the best popular explanation of the Second Amendment available in video format that I have seen. It deserves the widest possible circulation, so that Americans can take concerted grass–roots action to preserve and put into effect the right that is necessary to the security of a free State". (Edwin Vieira,Jr.,Ph.D,J.D.)

"Just viewed the 2a video. Awsome job. I will give copies to everyone I know, thank you for your hard work" (Jerry C MA)

"This is what needs to be taught in schools so kids know the true history of this country and realize how important our constitution is!  Especially the 2nd amendment!  Excellent video!" (RavenSpear1)

"..... it counters the arguments of the gun controllers, the misinterpretation of the second amendment – and it does so very very well, clearly and concisely. Share it with your friends – it is important " (G. Gordon Liddy)

"I have been meaning to bring your attention to an excellent new short film that Aaron Zelman’s Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has just posted at their website, www.jpfo.org.
Entitled "2A Today for the USA." The film is designed to help gun owners reach out to non–gun owners, to help them fully appreciate the Second Amendment and give them reasons why they should ignore the gun haters’ rhetoric. 
And while you’re there, why don’t you join JPFO, or at least send them some money? They are doing the Lord’s own work over there, in my Southern Baptist opinion. ;–)" (Mike Vanderboegh – who is working on his soon to released novel "Absolved".)


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