1911 Loaded Chamber Indicator

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Sorry - this item is no longer available - JPFO's, Sig Sauer Tactical Rail allowed mounting of lights and lasers by means of a 13.4-inch 1913 Picatinny rail and was designed for Model 226, 228, and 229 pistols. Proceeds from the sales of the Sig Sauer Tactical Rail helped the production of The Gang, a video project aimed at exposing the misdeeds of the BATFE.


1911 Loaded Chamber Indicator

Now you'll know when it's loaded!

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Now you can tell at a glance if your 1911 pistol is loaded, with the new 1911-LCI (Loaded Chamber Indicator). The only device on the market for the 1911, the 1911-LCI (patent pending) is a modification to your 1911 slide which rises up when a cartridge is chambered. In addition to hands-off verification of gun status, the LCI allows you quickly and easily confirm that your 1911 is loaded should you need it in the dark. Just brush your finger across the LCI and you can feel for the presence of a loaded chamber.

Just send your 1911 slide (only the slide) to JPFO and for $99.95 we will arrange installation (delivery will be within 2-3 weeks from receipt). Order now and take advantage of the introductory offer of free return shipping!

The 1911-LCI is also available to gunsmiths in kit form for just $59.95 (and also ask about our time-saving jig!). If you are a gunsmith interested in teaming up with JPFO to be an Authorized Installer, please contact us. The 1911-LCI also fits SIG models 226 (cannot be installed on Sigs sheet metal slides) and 229 slides, with other models in development. Wholesale pricing is available.

Best of all, in purchasing a 1911-LCI, you're supporting the Second Amendment and JPFO - the organization that exposed the Nazi roots of the 1968 Gun Control Act and proved the connection between "gun control" and genocide in the award-winning documentary film Innocents Betrayed.

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