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Attention Deficit Democracy

by James Bovard



Book Description
Does the people's need to believe in the president trump their duty to understand, to think critically, and demand truth? Have Americans been conditioned to ignore political frauds and believe the lies perpetuated by campaign ads? James Bovard diagnoses a national malady called "Attention Deficit Democracy," characterized by a citizenry that seems to be paying less attention to facts, and is less capable of judging when their rights and liberties are under attack. Bovard's careful research combined with his characteristically caustic style will give "ADD" a whole new meaning that pundits, politicians, and we the people will find hard to ignore.

About the Author
James Bovard is the author of the classic Lost Rights and, most recently, The Bush Betrayal. He has written for The Wall Street Journal, American Spectator, New York Times, New Republic, Washington Post, and Newsweek, in addition to maintaining an active blog ( He is also the author of Terrorism and Tyranny, Freedom in Chains, Feeling Your Pain, and The Fair Trade Fraud (all Palgrave Macmillan).


"A comprehensive attack on the administration from a less-often-heard place on the political spectrum."--Publishers Weekly

"Spectacular... Attention Deficit Democracy displays Bovard's emergence as a formidable prose stylist. Relentlessly incisive and epigrammatic, Bovard at his best reminds me of Nock and Mencken. And in the course of nearly 300 pages, he very rarely - if ever - descends from that exalted level.”--Will Grigg, Editor in Chief, New American

“Bovard is an an iconoclast's iconoclast. While much of the western world unquestioningly accepts democracy's pretense... Bovard not only questions those pretenses, he proves them false.... Bovard yanks the curtain off the voting booth.”--Becky Akers, Counterpunch

“Attention Deficit Democracy not only diagnoses our national malady, it provides a remedy as well. If you care about the loss of our liberty, have people read this book. Once Bovard gets their blood boiling, they start paying attention!”--Charles Goyette, Air America

“This is an amazing book... A fantastic job... Bovard is one of the best writers for freedom in the world today.”--Gardner Goldsmith, WNTK New Hampshire radio

“It is a great book. People should not read this book unless they are willing to have their arms twisted to think for themselves.”--Ron Smith, WBAL, Baltimore

“Attention Deficit Democracy is a wake-up call to the American people. As Bovard reveals one ridiculous lie after another, you won't know whether to laugh or cry.”--Laissez Faire Books

"We ignore Jim Bovard's work at the risk of being repeatedly...'betrayed' by the siren songs of presidential candidates of both parties."--Former congressman Bob Barr, American Conservative


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