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Responses to "The Airlines' Dirty Laundry"

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Please note these are reprints of comments JPFO received from readers, and do not necessarily reflect JPFO's views or opinions.


Re the fiasco involving the ladies pistol, I believe an appropriate description for what went on would be THEFT UNDER COLOR OF LAW. The exact location of that pistol, as with in whose closet, gun safe or desk drawer it now resides might be a rather interesting subject for investigation and discussion along with exactly how it came to be where it now is.

As to the financial condition of airlines, how much money did they piss away on executive prerogatives and those Golden Parachutes could prove more than a little interesting, as well as how much money they continue to so dispense.



GRRrrrrrrr, stories like this make me fume. Bastards! (Not you, the TSA, sheriff's department, or whomever is to blame)


Please tell me what airlines were involved so I can make sure they never sell me a ticket. Thanks

Northwest Airlines
- The Liberty Crew


Thank you, might you start a fund for her defense ?????


Anyway,it's not just the airlines,or the local police. We can't trust the mainstream media,we can't trust the UN,we can't trust NGO's like Amnesty, we can't trust the elected representatives,senators or the White House. They wan't to create a new world order and thus treat us like little children,and if we don't obey their orders,they'll hunt and kill us like the natives 150 years ago. They'll call us savages,terrorists,dangerous gun maniacs. How are we to trust them,when they can destroy the whole planet and every form of life on it with their thousands of nuclear warhead,their megatons of explosives ?
They deny us the right to carry a pistol for self-defense,but drop tons of bombs every day on the poor natives in Somalia,Afghanistan,Iraq. And call the daily killing of innocent bystanders "collateral damage ". If you and I behaved like this,we'll be jailed for life within minutes. Better: instantly killed by a police sniper. The founding fathers created a very good constitution,but since many generations,the Constitution is violated by the Congress and the White House. This is a bipartisan crime and the next elections won't change anything.

Sincerely yours


why don't you guys report the airline... so we can boycott it!

Northwest Airlines
- The Liberty Crew


Something like this would have made national news, someplace, other than on your website. I am a true believer in the right to bear arms, legally. I belive the police are here to catch the bad guys after the fact. I believe in standing up for all that is right and just. I believe in rules and regulations, you obey them or pay the consequences. I don't care much for fakes, liars, cheaters, or frauds. I belive you protect those on your right, left and rear, (the ones that stand with you) and pity the poor soul who confronts you; trying to force their will on myself, those I care for or the innocent. I have asked you in the past, to tell me who the staff writer is, contact info, etc. Just like I sent you with the article from Durham, NC and the Rev. who wants to make a law causing a permit to be needed to purchase ammo. So, I ask again, who is the writer of this article, the newspaper it should be in, contact info, etc. If you are a reputable outfit, and you do your "homework", you should have no problem giving out the info. If not, well I guess this is the last time I will be hearing from you or your "internet info".
I have never cared what race, religion, or tendencies anyone has, just so long as they did not try to force any of it on me, or anyone else who does not want it or does not understand well enough to truly enjoy it.



the last time I flew was 2002 for a family emergency...have not flown since, and I'm an aviation 'buff'. I had steel toe boots as always, and this older white pervert made me take them off, then was grabbing my belt area, repeatedly and aggressively pulling on it mumbling something to the effect that something could or was 'in there'. He told me to unbuckle it-I've never come so close to dropping someone in my life, but a cop was standing 20 feet away.


Thank you for the very interesting story about Joyce. However you never disclosed the reason or the purpose behind her arrest. Was it perhaps, because there was no reciprocity between her home state and New York State? This is something that I would bring immediately to the attention of the NRA. I'm sure you can recall what happened in New Orleans, where the police department confiscated legally owned guns. The issue of confiscating legally owned guns is a very emotional issue to the NRA.

I would really appreciate it if you can provide further information so that we can follow the case of Joyce and the reason behind her arrest.

Would you be so kind as to provide me with membership information regarding your organization?


As stated in the article, for further information on her case, you may wish to contact the Knox Firearms Coalition at or Gun Owners of America at . - The Liberty Crew


So what is JPFO doing to help Joyce get her handgun returned and her rights as an American restored???


WTF? Thats some BS....and the smell made it all the way to Hawaii! I hope she gets them over a barrel....maybe those officers should get [some] of their own medicine.

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