Never Again

By Anonymous



You have already read that al Husseini, the radical Muslim cleric, was successful in convincing Hitler to pursue the Holocaust rather than deporting Jews to Israel. The Naziarabs have already done immeasurable damage to the European Jewish population. I was once shown some pictures that an Irish American made when he was one of the first soldiers to enter one of the death camps. The pictures were of standing skeletons. The experience had so deeply moved him that he had to share it with me many years later.

There was plenty of indication that Germany, under the Nazis, would be very damaging to Jews. Consider that Hitler made sure to confiscate all firearms from the German Jewish population before starting the roundup and transportation to the work/death camps. But my recollection is that Hitler and the Nazis were somewhat secretive about the death camps and the planned annihilation of European Jews, the "final solution" that we call "the Holocaust."

We Jews have been suffering calamities from the start of the Diaspora, with the Nazi Holocaust being the worse. But the signs already indicate that the worst may be still to come. As much as Hitler and the Nazis hated us, the radical Muslims hate us even more. To Hitler, we were a problem. To the radical Muslims we have become deadly enemies.

As Hitler kept the secret of the death camps from the world, Muslim terrorists have made no secret of their plans for Jews. They have made it very clear that not a Jew should be left alive in the Middle East. They have made their intentions clear for all the world to understand. I don’t know if anyone could have foreseen the Holocaust until it was too late. But the Muslim terrorists, by their own statements and actions, have left no doubt that they intend to eliminate every Jew in the Middle East if they are able to get the power to do so and (probably in the world).

They want complete and total control of the Middle East and they never want to have to deal with the possibility of another Jewish return to Israel. So what do you suppose their plans are for us worldwide?

We have already seen the beginning of this process in Israel toward the end of the Clinton Administration. The Muslim terrorists had bombed school buses and paid the families of suicide bombers to kill civilian men, women and children. We could not turn on the TV news without seeing these atrocities take place. That should be warning enough - TAKE HEED!

Israel, are you listening? Israel, do you not hear what they say? Does your mind not comprehend their intentions? Has not the LORD your G-D provided you fair warning that this has already happened and can happen again? Yet, Is any serious consideration taking place in Jewish communities of the Diaspora?

We have already seen the death and misery that the suicide bombers have caused in Israel. If the radical Naziarabs can gain the power to do so, they will spread that death and misery world-wide.

I believe G-D teaches us lessons continually, if we are attentive and willing to learn. The Warsaw Ghetto uprising was one. It showed how very effectively a few Jews with very few firearms could resist an overwhelming force. Unfortunately, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising was doomed to failure from the start. Far too little, far too late, but not too late to learn from! The time to prepare is before the problem, not after and that is the real lesson of the Warsaw Ghetto.

In Reader’s Digest January 2005 issue there was a story about Jewish families from the Ukraine who fled the Nazis and hid in a cave. Once, while getting supplies, they were set upon by Ukrainian police who shot into the cave.

Then the gunfire stopped because "apparently" village peasants informed the police that the Jewish families were armed and had secret exits. It turns out that they actually had no firearms. But just the mere, mistaken idea that they did stopped further pursuit. That should make it apparent to anyone just how powerful is the threat of firearms. It is a survival lesson that Jews world wide should heed.

One of the greatest rights we in America possess is the Second Amendment. Every American of Jewish descent should understand just how important the right to possess firearms, for self and family protection, is. Clearly, the Second Amendment here in the United States to posses firearms is one we Jews especially should protect and hold dear.

Having been in the security field as a profession and a business, I feel that the Second Amendment is the most important for our protections. When all else fails, it is our duty to protect ourselves and our family, a lesson we Jews should have learned from history and, especially, the Holocaust.

NEVER AGAIN!! History and current events seem to indicate otherwise and we must be prepared. We all hope it will not come down to having to defend ourselves as those in the Warsaw Ghetto finally did, but we should learn the lessons that history teaches us and safeguard the right to be able to do so.

Treasure the Second Amendment. It truly is the most important one. I am a card-carrying N.R.A. member and fully support their defense of the Second Amendment. Join the N.R.A. and also Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.


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