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Should the BATFE be Abolished?

JPFO says "Yes", abolish the BATFE - the NRA says "No".

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To learn more about BATFE abuses please be sure to check out the following information they'd rather you didn't know about  --

The Gang Movie and Gang Movie trailer.

The "Len Savage Interview " Series on "Talkin' to America" - MP3 files (with transcripts) -

November 1st 2005 - Experiences with the BATFE
May 8th 2006 - Experiences with the BATFE Part II
December 11th 2007 - BATFE errors and vindictiveness
July 18th 2008 - The "GovCrims" of the American Terrorist Force (ATF)

The "Ryan Horsely " interviews on "Talkin' to America" - MP3 files (most with transcript) -

May 22nd 2007 - Red's Trading Post - victim of BATFE harassment
August 16th 2007 - Red's Trading Post - victim of BATFE harassment, follow up


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