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(Note — older page (Oct 2006), some outdated information content)


RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone - $17.95 postpaid. Glimpse the future powerful people plan for you. Learn what your teachers never wanted you to know. See our Special Offer here!

The Mitzvah - $10.95 postpaid. The ultimate mugging of a liberal who becomes a conservative. For those who love freedom -- and for those who should.

Hope - $14.95 postpaid. How would you feel if you no longer feared your government? How would America be different if we had a Bill of Rights president? Includes 2 free Gran'pa Jack booklets!


The State vs The People
- Sorry - this book is out of print and for the time being there seems little likelehood of a reprint.


Death by "Gun Control" - $16.95 postpaid. The ground-breaking book that was the basis for our award-winning documentary, Innocents Betrayed. Includes 2 free Gran'pa Jack booklets!

(click here for special offer!)

Dial 911 and Die - $11.95 postpaid. It makes no difference what state you live in; you DON'T have a right to police protection!

just $19.95

"Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny - $24.95 postpaid. A side-by-side comparison of the 1938 Nazi Gun Control laws and America's 1968 Gun Control Act.

Revised and updated edition is now available! Just $19.95 -- save $5 over regular price!

A Guide to Drilling, Reaming, and Broaching a Bolt-Action Receiver at Home

Gran'pa Jack Booklets

Entertaining and educational, our "Gran'pa Jack" booklets explain complex issues in easily understood terms. Discounts for bulk orders. Click on links below for ordering and more information.



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