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Death by Government
by R. J. Rummel
Transaction Pub Paperback (March 1997)

The Defiant: A True Story
by Shalom Yoran
St. Martins Press Trade Paperback (September 1996, written 1946)
Comment: "… describes how he and some fellow Jews fled to the forests during the Nazi occupation of Poland where they were able to attack and kill Nazi’s guerilla style and free people on the way to the camps. The two things Yoran and his heroic fellows couldn’t get enough of were food and guns." -- Chuck Morse, "Jews and Guns"

The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression
by Stephane Courtois, Mark Kramer (Translator), Jonathan Murphy (Translator), Karel Bartosek, Andrzej Paczkowski, Jean-Louis Panne, Jean-Louis Margolin
Harvard University Press Hardcover - 858 pages (October 1999)
Comment: A recounting of the genocides perpetrated by Communist governments.

Striking Back: A Jewish Commando’s War Against the Nazis
by Peter Masters
Presidio Pr Hardcover - 320 pages (December 1997)

Heroes of the Holocaust
by Arnold Geier.
Berlley publishing group (1998)
Comment: We recommend this book highly. For an excerpt, see JPFO Alert, December 12, 1999

Fighting Back: A Memoir of Jewish Resistance in World War II
by Harold Werner
Columbia Univ Press paperback (1994)

Was God on Vacation?
by Jack van der Geest
paperback (1999)

Destruction of the European Jews (Three Volume Boxed Set)
by Raul Hilberg
Holmes & Meier Publisheing, Inc Hardcover 2nd Rev edition (July 1985)

Hitler’s Death Camps
by Konnilyn G. Feig
Holmes & Meier Publishing, Inc Paperback Reissue edition (December 1981)

The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust As Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
by Michael Berenbaum
Little Brown & Co Paperback (April 1993)

Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives
by Alan Bullock
Vintage Books Paperback - 1089 pages Reprint edition (November 1993)

The Great Terror: A Reassessment
by Robert Conquest
Oxford Univ Press Paperback Reprint edition (October 1991)

Brother Number One: A Political Biography of Pol Pot
by David P. Chandler
Westview Press Paperback - 264 pages Revised edition (February 1999)
Also: Westview Press Hardcover - 254 pages (August 1992)

Ambush at Ruby Ridge: How Government Agents Set Randy Weaver Up and Took His Family Down
by Alan W. Bock
Dickens Press Hardcover (October 1995)

Davidian Massacre: Disturbing Questions About Waco Which Must Be Answered
by Carol Moore
Legacy Communications Paperback (March 1996)

No More Wacos: What’s Wrong With Federal Law Enforcement and How to Fix It
by David B. Kopel, Paul H. Blackman
Prometheus Books Hardcover - 524 pages (March 1997)

Waco - The Rules of Engagement
Director: William Gazecki
Edition Details: VHS video tape, NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only), Color
Comment: The Academy Award nominated documentary film. Very disturbing.



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