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Re-establishing a Bill of Rights Culture

We believe in ALL the Bill of Rights for ALL citizens!

Read the Bill of Rights in 15 Different Languages!
Original transcript plus translations in Polish, Hebrew, Arabic, Hawaiian, Chinese, and many more!

You'll Be Freer and Richer in a Bill of Rights Culture
Do you find yourself wishing for the good old days? Days when you didn't have to fear the government? Maybe it's possible to bring them back. Read JPFO's two-part thought piece "You'll Be Freer and Richer in the Bill of Rights Culture". In it, we discuss what a Bill of Rights culture is, why we think it's important, how we might be able to achieve it, and why you'll want it.

Bill of Rights or Bust
Liberty is dying in America because people don't know or understand their rights. Invest just a few minutes to learn about America’s amazing charter of human freedom: The Bill of Rights.

This made-for-TV educational film brings the Bill of Rights to life with live interviews, patriotic and meaningful visuals, and accurate descriptions of every right. The DVD contains special features, including penetrating questions to stimulate lively discussion, and a spotlight on government agencies that may be violating the Bill of Rights every day. Watch "Bill of Rights or Bust" and help bring America back to America!

Get Bill of Rights or Bust into a School
You can get the Bill of Rights Culture message to the students right through the front door of the public school or library. No politics, no flak. It’s easy with "Bill of Rights or Bust". And we'll help you do it!

Celebrate Bill of Rights Day
December 15 is Bill of Rights Day. We encourage everyone to support a Bill of Rights Culture by celebrating this day. Click to read dozens of ways you can celebrate this important day!

The Freedom Pledge
When you pledge to the flag, you are pledging to a national symbol. The pledge is grand, stately, and carries the weight of tradition. But think of those final words "with liberty and justice for all." What ensures liberty and justice? What actually makes America the land of the free?

The Answer: The Bill of Rights. The flag is the symbol, but the Bill of Rights is the source. It is the document that confirms that individual rights were born within us and existed before any nation or flag on earth. It defines abuses no government must ever be allowed to commit and rights no honest government would ever violate. So join with us in saying the Freedom Pledge.

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