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To aid in finding information on court cases JPFO has brought to reader's attention and which could be of interest - we provide this page as an indexing opportunity to help find details, such as we have. We include some court oriented items as well.



Relevant pages of interest are ……


McDonald vs City of Chicago - JPFO Amicis Brief, PDF file.
Further material - (Feb 8th 2010) The case of McDonald vs City of Chicago has generated much contraversy and there are various articles dealing with this.  In order, read ...... "Will Your Gun Rights Live or Die?" then - "The NRA elbows its way into the McDonald Case", "Incoming opinions on NRA’s elbowing in on the Mc Donald Case" and "More Comments on the NRA and the McDonald case".  Read also this article on the Washington Post and this one - Lawyer Fight!

St. John v Alamogordo Public Safety - a win for open carry in NM (Sept 2009).

Doug Friesen Case. - results transcript and comment.

Nordyke v King. "This case is in the 9th circus. If we win here, we can win anywhere" (Jan 2009)

The Supreme Court Heller Case - June 2008 -various links to associated articles.

The Olofson Case. - there are links from this page to other associated items. (2008)

US V Olofson: A pseudolegal Case - article by L. Neil Smith

Rick Stanley - a free speech issue.

Court Security Improvement Act of 2007 - Letter to Aaron Zelman from Ryan Horsely


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