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Southwest Washington Surplus

Lawrence Good
2700 NE Andresen Road, Suite G3
Vancouver, WA 98661

Voice phone: 360-977-5772
Fax: 360-828-8188

E-mail address:
Web site:
Hours of business: 9am - 7pm Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm Sundays.

Description:  Military surplus, firearms and accessories, firearms and public safety training.

JPFO Member

Listing Added: April 2013

Apple Law Firm PLLC - Gun Trust Lawyer®'s in all States

David Goldman, Attorney
Jacksonville Office
3733 University Boulevard West, Suite 212B
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Voice phone: 877-7GUN-LAW (877-748-6529)
Fax: (904) 875-4081

E-mail address:
Web site:
Hours of business: 9-5 EST

Description: NFA Gun Trusts, Estate Planning for firearms owners, Multi-Generational Asset Protection Firearms Trusts.

Informational Blogs -
NFA Gun Trust Lawyer ® Blog
Florida Estate Planning Asset Protection & Probate
Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Blog
Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer Blog
Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyers Blog
Jacksonville Criminal Law Blog
Jacksonville Family Law, Divorce, & Child Support Blog

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Listing Added July 2012



Voice phone: -----
Fax: -----

E-mail address:
Web site:
Hours of business: -----

Description:  Classifieds site for gun, ammo and accessories.

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Listing Added: February 2011


Dough Schurman
801 6th Street / 1776 West Lake Drive
Clarkston WA 99403

Voice phone: 509-758-6411
Fax: 509-751-9537

E-mail address: -----
Web site: -----
Hours of business: 8am - 7pm weekdays / 8am - 6pm Saturday / 9am - 4pm Sunday.

Description:  Hardware store with sporting goods department. Selling hunt fish licenses, firearms, fish tackle, GUNSAFES as as well as hardware, paint, electrical, plumbing and housewares for the home.

JPFO Member

Listing Added: April 2006

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