Doctors and Guns



Since the victim disarmament crowd is now using medical doctors to push their prohibition schemes, here's some intellectual ammunition.

Disarming the Data Doctors: How to Debunk the "Public Health" Basis for "Gun Control", by Richard W. Stevens (an in depth analysis and explanation of the statistical methods in the infamous Kellermann study).

Statistics and "gun control". The facts set forth in this chart were believed accurate when posted in 1997.

"Raging Against Self Defense": A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality, by Sarah Thompson, M.D.

Guns effective defense against rape, By Robert J. Woolley, M.D.

What the Doctors Say about "Dial 911 and Die".

Is Your Doctor a Spy? May 3 and June 9, 2000 Alerts, resent March 22, 2001.


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