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Firearm Field Testing

A member service of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Intellectual Ammunition to Destroy"Gun Control"

JPFO's Firearm Field Testing is a platform for JPFO to evaluate and test various firearms, and report to you, the JPFO member , the worth of their ability to preserve your life from the criminal element & from a modern day genocide.

For military surplus & non-surplus firearms, both pistols & rifles, the Field Test reports will evaluate:

  • Overall performance under severe testing conditions

  • Specifications and performance of cartridges

  • Recommendations for care and long-term storage

  • Price vs. Performance - value for the money

The Firearm Field Test program plans to test firearms suitable for defense of life, liberty, property, and nation, regardless of the weapons' suitability for "sporting" or "hunting" purposes under federal regulations.

DISCLAIMER: The information about firearms contained on this web site, and particularly on this Firearm Field Testing page, relays the personal opinions and observations of the testers and contributors, and does not constitute professional advice. Neither JPFO, Inc. nor its Directors, firearms testers, editorial contributors, reporters, or members, profess to be a final authority in firearms operation or testing. Accordingly, none of these persons or entities assumes any responsibility for any firearms use, testing, or shooting that you might perform as a result of the information supplied on this web page. Use this information at your own risk, and seek professional advice as necessary.

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