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Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

(These items are currently out of stock - it is hoped they will be available again.)

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

The patented Gripmaster is the finest hand exerciser in the world, because it is the ONLY hand exerciser available whcih can isolate and strengthen each finger individually. Superior strength, endurance and dexterity! View the Gripmaster website at for more details!

"I strongly recommend the use of the Gripmaster to strengthen hands and gain better control when firing your handgun or rifle. I have used the Gripmaster myself and have found it very effective. A great product!"

Tim Schmidt
Executive Director, United States Concealed Carry Association
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine


yellow Blue Red Black
Yellow / X-Light Tension
(3 lbs per finger)

Recommended for children over 12 years and seniors wanting to regain diminished dexterity.

Blue / Light Tension
(5 lbs per finger)

Suits average woman’s hand and men preferring more repetitions at lesser resistance rather than fewer repetitions at higher resistance.

Red / Medium Tension
(7 lbs per finger)

Recommended for most men and women wanting to progress to a higher level.

Black / Heavy Tension
(9 lbs per finger)

Recommended only to those requiring exceptional grasping power for martial arts, climbing, or weapon retention. Very high tension.


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