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Sample Response Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The recent editorial (title/date) calling for more "gun control" rehashed the usual arguments for gutting the right to self-defense. Interfering with decent citizens' ability to have and use firearms does not affect criminals, but it does leave the citizens defenseless against armed thugs.

These pro-gun control editorials never take responsibility for the damage their ideas have caused. As shown graphically in the new documentary, Innocents Betrayed, 170 million men, women and children were butchered in the 20th Century by their own governments. These killer regimes could commit mass murder because "gun control" laws had first disarmed the victims.

After people see Innocents Betrayed, and they witness what happened here and abroad, they won't be fooled by "gun control" ideas. I challenge anyone to watch this film and then say that disarming the citizens is a great idea.


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