Sample Op-Ed and Letters
re Innocents Betrayed



Innocents Betrayed is not just a film, it's a tool. It's not just to watch once and file away. When you get a copy, you need to show it to high school and college students. That should be your highest priority. You also should to show it to other gun owners who can benefit from seeing the big picture and understanding the awesome importance of the right to keep and bear arms.

(And then – for fun – show the film to anti-gun rights people. See whether they can defend their ideas in light of these facts.)

You can help spread the word about Innocents Betrayed and its message in four other ways:

  • Offer to lend the film to your newspaper’s film reviewer.
  • Offer to donate the film to your public library.
  • Write an opinion piece for a newspaper, magazine, newsletter or website.
  • Write a letter to the editor to oppose an anti-self defense editorial or opinion piece.

To make each of these action items easy, we provide sample letters that you can use verbatim. Just copy them into your word processor, tailor them to meet the need, and you're ready to go!

(When tailoring the letters, please remember to avoid adding any demands, insults, or personal attacks ... as tempting as it might sometimes be. Innocents Betrayed provides information using non-threatening — but powerfully convincing — facts, photos and visual techniques. No need to beat people over the head in our letters and articles because the film does the persuading. Keeping a professional tone in the these letters and articles will help people realize that Innocents Betrayed is a serious work of history and analysis.)

Good luck — and let us know about your successes!

The Liberty Crew


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