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Sample Letter to Newspaper or Magazine Film Reviewer

Dear Mr. (or Ms.) _________:

I have just watched the new documentary film Innocents Betrayed, and I have never seen anything like it. It tells the stories of people who gave up their right to self-defense and became powerless against aggressors. Using actual photos and footage, Innocents Betrayed shows how the major genocides of the 20th Century became possible, and how persecution and mass murder in the U.S. has also occurred where the victims were rendered defenseless.

The film presents a whole new look at the results of an imbalance of power in society. It has the same quality as anything I've seen on television, but I have never seen this story told. Frankly, I was stunned by what it shows.

Would you be interested in viewing Innocents Betrayed to review it?I can lend you my copy. I would wager you have not seen anything like this, and your thoughts about it might interest your readers.

Very truly yours,

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