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State Capitol Guards Die in Face-Off

Michael Feldman.



The question as to whether or not concealed weapons laws should berelaxed is always a hotbed issue. Under the circumstances it is very importantto me that this editorial opinion is not taken out of context.

I am very sorry for the families and friends of State capitol guards Canute Findsen and Virginia Rich. However, I must point out that as withany other senseless tragedy that happens, there are lessons to be learned and points to be made, and I would be remiss if I withheld my observations.

First of all, just look at all of the "Gun Control" measures in place here that failed to stop this tragedy:

A) All state capitol property is considered a "gun free" zone. No one, except law enforcement personnel, is allowed to be in possession of a weapon there, not even the holder of a general, non-restricted concealed weapons permit. And yet a firearm felony was obviously committed by at least one of the State Police Guards involved, which takes me to...

B) Background checks...

C) Extensive firearms training, and...

D) Knowledge of when to use lethal force...

All of which one must assume applied to these two individuals in order for them to become certified law enforcement personnel.

I do not know whether or not either of these State Police employees had ever been assigned to sit in judgment of citizens trying to obtain a general concealed weapons permit via one of the eighty-three county C.C.W.Boards, but I find it profoundly ironic that if they had, they no doubt would have voted (by mandate) to deny nearly every applicant this fundamental right spelled out in plain english and guaranteed them by both our State and Federal Constitutions.

I must say that I have already heard on far too many occasions the pat answer as to why such a policy is in place - "Why, if more people carried guns, it would be like the wild west on our streets."

Oh really? Just exactly how "wild" was the old west anyway? Do these people really believe what they see in the movies? And by the way, how much more "cowboy" can you get than engaging in a gunfight over the hood of a police car, allegedly because of  teasing or an insult of some kind?

Tough questions I know, but I am simply trying to point out that if these highly trained professionals are capable of visiting this type of transgression upon each other, it is certainly no stretch, as many ofus already know, that they can, and sometimes do "Go Cowboy" on us ordinary citizens that somehow cross them as well. We do not have to take that. One can only properly defend oneself from a gun, with a gun, whether it’s being wielded by a car-jacker or an out-of-control cop!

The bottom line is this - for all of you command level police officialsand your collective organizations that habitually and vigorously oppose any bill that would allow the average citizen a basic right that you take for granted - the genie is out of the bottle. You’re no different nor better than the rest of us. Even with all of your "qualifications" you are subject to the same human failings that we all share.

So please, shed the duplicity. Either stand up for the right of everyone else to protect themselves too, or voluntarily disarm yourselves at least while on duty "so that this sort of thing never happens again."

Yeah, I know -- Fat Chance.


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