JPFO Radio Commercials



Mr. Charles Heller of Tucson, Arizona – JPFO ’s Executive Director, has prepared several 30 second promotional information radio spots for JPFO.

The radio commercials are in the form of .mp3 files which are all quite small in size.

Please download these files and take them to radio stations and see if they will play one or all as public service announcements, or send them a letter asking them to download the files themselves (see below for a link to a sample letter).

On most computers you can download the files by using the RIGHT mouse button to click on the hyperlink, and then specify where to put a file in the pop-up box save option. Other computers may download a file and automatically play it with a LEFT mouse click (you can then tell the audio-player where to save the file).

We have added the convenience of preview listening with the players beside each item.


"All in Favor of Gun Control, Raise Your Right Hand"
MP3-format: Download jpfo3.MP3 (362,371 – bytes)

"Dial 911 and Die"
MP3-format: Download jpfo911.MP3 (366,132 – bytes)

"A country where only the police have guns is called a Police State"
MP3-format: Download jpfopolicestate.MP3 (364,251 – bytes)

"Victim Disarmament is Racist".
MP3-format: Download jpfo4minority.mp3 (1,333,984 – bytes)

"Who benefits most from disarmament of victims?"
MP3-format: Download jpfo5.mp3 (1,319,862 – bytes)

"Prohibition -- who benefits?"
MP3-format: Download jpfo6.mp3 (1,346,932 –bytes)

"Pro-choice on self-defense"
MP3-format: Download jpforape.mp3 (477,019 – bytes)


Mr. Heller is a firearms instructor and radio talkshow host in Tucson. His radio show "Liberty Watch" airs at 12–Noon Sundays (Arizona time) on KVOI AM 1030. He also hosts Swap Shop on the same station starting at 10 A.M. You may contact him at 520–419–2500, or via e–mail at

For a sample letter you can send to your local radio station,see


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