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 Special Discounts - Limited Time Only!

Sorry - this item is no longer available - JPFO's, Sig Sauer Tactical Rail allowed mounting of lights and lasers by means of a 13.4-inch 1913 Picatinny rail and was designed for Model 226, 228, and 229 pistols. Proceeds from the sales of the Sig Sauer Tactical Rail helped the production of The Gang, a video project aimed at exposing the misdeeds of the BATFE.


"Boot the BATFE" T-shirt


You asked for them, and we responded! BOOT THE BATFE t-shirts. 100% cotton, full-cut. Shirt is ash-gray with black & yellow text (be sure you read the back!)

With your t-shirt order, you get a FREE "Boot" lapel pin (valued at $9.95), as well as a copy of the Congressional Research Service report that has the potential to destroy the BATFE and even free thousands of innocent gunowners from prison!

Total price for both the shirt and FREE lapel pin is $24.95 postage paid (sizes 2x and 3x are $26.95).


Super combo offer

Get the film you were never meant to see! Buy our new Boot t-shirt and get BATFE Fails the Test for only $10, a savings of $7.76 over the regular price. Or get our new film Bill of Rights or Bust for only $10, a savings of $9.95! OR get the shirt and BOTH dvds and save $17.91! You also get our lapel pin FREE! (Prices are for DVD films. For VHS, add $2 per film by selecting the VHS box on the order form).

RebelFire T-shirt

Wear your RebelFire colors!

Your RebelFire logo tee-shirt is high-quality 100-percent cotton. It's deep black with the band logo in icy matte silver and flame orange.

On the front: A full-size RebelFire RF logo slashes across your chest. On the back: RebelFire rides on your shoulder so everybody knows, coming and going, what you stand for.

Order your RebelFire colors today! Click picture for larger image

RebelFire Tee



Get the t-shirt and a copy of RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone for just $35.90

RebelFire Combo Special

JPFO's "I Will Live Free" T-shirt

By Popular Demand!

By popular demand, we've re-ordered more "I Will Live Free" t-shirts.

Each T-shirt comes with a copy of Gran'pa Jack #3, "It's Common Sense to Use Our Bill of Rights ... or Lose Them!" and a copy of Gran'pa Jack #8, "Is America Becoming a Police State?".

Order yours today and let people know you will live free and so should they.

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $5 when buying a shirt plus a copy of our $17.91 music CD I Will Live Free.

With freedom being eroded constantly, it is time for Americans to talk the talk as well as walk the walk. Proudly wear your I Will Live Free t-shirt and play freedom music for all to hear. ORDER TODAY.

All cotton, American fabric. Natural oat color with black ink.

Sizzling Summer Special:

Save $5 when buying a shirt plus a copy of our $17.91 music CD I Will Live Free.

JPFO's "All in favor of gun control..." Tee

JPFO's "Life Preserver" Tee

JPFO's Logo Golf Shirt

White 100% Cotton Golf Shirt * 3 Button Collar * Pre-Shrunk

JPFO's "Bill of Rights" Tee

White 100% Cotton T-Shirt. Pre Shrunk. Full Color Front Design, Red & Blue Back Design

Exclusive Sarah Gilbert Tees!

NOW ONLY $10.95

Limited inventory

FRONT: Couple Front
BACK: Couple Back

Click on images to enlarge

If you need help with sizes, please click here.

BRASCO Buddies T-shirt


Adult Sizes - ONLY $9.95!

Golf-style shirt, ash-gray

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