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Songs Celebrating The Bill of Rights

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Great patriotic music. It grabs us by the hearts. It fills us with energy and conviction. Whether it's the thunder of a Sousa march or the prayerful plea of "God Bless America," music moves people as few other things can.

But until now, there's been one kind of music oddly missing: songs that celebrate our most precious national treasure, the Bill of Rights.

Today JPFO is changing that with the release of our brand-new CD, "I Will Live Free." And YOU can use this music to change hearts, win minds, and to inspire yourself -- and for the sheer, simple enjoyment of great songs.

"I Will Live Free," is available now. Listen to these tunes by popular patriotic songwriter Dan Starr and:

• LAUGH (and get angry) with the lively Fourth-Amendment country-rocker "Steal Your Stuff"
• MOURN for the fallen heroes in "Freedom's War."
•TEACH YOUR CHILDREN "What is Freedom?" and why freedom is "The Best" with a pair of songs especially for them. [Sample "The Best"]
• ACHE "As Time Goes By" for a man imprisoned with no Bill of Rights protections in a foreign land
• THANK "The Guardian," the Second Amendment that protects the rest of the precious Bill [Sample "The Guardian"]
• LAUGH AGAIN as arrogant government agents wonder why Americans don't like it when they take "A Little Bit More"
• REJOICE that "Only in America" are we so free, even as those freedoms are imperiled
• NEVER FORGET the values our humble forefathers gave their lives for in "A Time of Kings." [Sample "A Time of Kings"]

These songs feature the voices of several great talents -- all of whom generously gave their time to help create this music, simply because the message of freedom was so important to them.

Can it be any less important to you? This is music to embrace -- AND to use to promote freedom. It's even music you can live by.


If you've been in the battle for the Bill of Rights, you know how the other side uses emotion to shout down our logical arguments. Well, this CD will help you fight back with their own weapons -- and go them one better. "I Will Live Free" combines an emotional medium -- music -- with all the strong, logical reasons to preserve freedom.

These songs aren't preachy and heavy-handed. Many are downright fun. But whether sad, funny, or heartbreaking, they're top-quality tunes, all skillfully written to sell the freedom message. You'll find yourself singing then in the shower, in your car, or with your friends at political gatherings.

There's never been anything like "I Will Live Free" -- powerful patriotic music that can appeal to anyone of any faith or musical taste. We need more people in the freedom movement, and this CD will help you move them.

Win hearts AND minds and do it without arguing or haranguing. Just play this rousing music and get it repeating in people's heads.


Order your own copy for just $17.76, postpaid. Currently here on the JPFO Store. It's a great:

• Christmas or Hanukkah gift • Birthday gift
• CD to play at political meetings
• CD to sell at gun-show booths or rallies
• Inspiration at the end of a long, hard day

Take a copy of "I Will Live Free" to your local radio station and encourage them to play these songs on the air. (Even talk show hosts have told us they're eagerly awaiting this CD to complement their usual format.)

It's a great antidote to some of the dreadful musical mishmashes that are to be found.

There are a lot of things you can do with "I Will Live Free," But the main thing, as songwriter Dan Starr reminds us, is to "create a Bill of Rights Culture -- a culture in which every single citizen KNOWS and INSISTS on his rights and responsibilities. A culture in which governments don't dare infringe on the rights of informed, determined citizens."


Read the following message from songwriter Dan Starr. Learn how this project came to be. Let him to him tell you about all the bonus features on this album. (The songs aren't all you'll get on "I Will Live Free"!)

And enjoy!

A Message from Dan Starr, songwriter

In January of 2002 Aaron Zelman, Executive Director of JPFO: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, conceived a musical project: a entire CD of music to celebrate and explain the first ten Amendments to our Constitution, The Bill of Rights. Aaron had heard of me via a mutual friend and he offered me a chance to put my musical talents to use in a most patriotic fashion.

Here is the end result: nine songs, in a variety of pop styles, musically covering the history, meaning, and importance of The Bill of Rights, our precious national treasure. Following the songs, you can hear the text of each Amendment, plus a synopsis of each in modern language. You will also get your first listen to The Freedom Pledge, a new pledge to support The Bill of Rights.

I hope our recording will inspire you.

I also hope you will share this music with others. To survive and prosper as Americans we must do all we can to create "create a Bill of Rights Culture - a culture in which every single citizen KNOWS and INSISTS on his rights and responsibilities. A culture in which governments don't dare infringe on the rights of informed, determined citizens."

Please help us keep freedom alive. Buy the CD. Listen for a week. Get other people to buy their own copies and listen to them. Talk it up. Start a grassroots movement within your own "circle of influence." Get some people together and take the CD to your local radio station on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, and especially on Bill of Rights Day, December 15th. Ask any sympathetic radio folks to play some of the tunes (such as "What is Freedom/Freedom's War" on Memorial Day.)

There are probably a million other good ideas and ways to use this music and this CD and I'm sure you will hit on some that have evaded both Mr. Zelman and myself. Make sure that when you find some successful application that you let us know so we can pass it on to everyone.

I will tell you from my own experience that the socialists have managed to make referring to The Constitution seem to be the mark of rednecks and "evil survivalists." However, nobody has yet cast any mud on The Bill of Rights. Let's make sure that nobody starts by doing everything in our power to make Americans know and understand their Rights and demand them at every turn.

I want to thank Aaron Zelman for his vision and the chance to produce this recording. I also owe a huge debt to the vocalists. Each gave their time and talent and received no monetary reward. They all believe in the American Ideal and gave of themselves to help it continue in our world. As the dream is stated in "Only From America:"

"To someday win for everyone the grace of Freedom's Light"

In Liberty

Dan Starr


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