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Antonio Randaccio-Lodi.


The familiar saying that ours is becoming a law-less society is false; in reality the opposite is true: it is becoming a society without Justice, but with an ever increasing and oppressive presence of Law.

Unfortunately people confuse the words Justice and Law one for the other. Justice meaning the application and respect of the upright Law has become the synonym of fair and righteous, but Justice, meaning the application of instrumental or evil laws represents the antithesis of the original meaning.

The Waco massacre, the deliberate murder of Mrs. Vicky Weaver, the acquittal of O.J. Simpson are a result of the new interpretation of the law but nothing have they in common with Justice, a word which used to signify the pillar of civil society.

The government, through it's sum of taxes steals over fifty percent from our day's work: BY means of LAW not Justice: and you have to submit to this abuse or you will be accused of stealing yourself. All kinds ofevil doers nowadays have their own rights, set BY LAW and you will be wise not to trifle with them, or the Law will hit YOU hard and for good.

Rules, regulations and ordinances, the offspring of self perpetuating Law, are increasing in number every day, have the same authority as their prolific genitor, but do have this privilege in spite of being issued bya much lower class of legislators: modest city counsellors and government clerks; and you must know them all by heart, since ignorance of the Law (rule or regulation) does not justify infringement.

The latest PERVERSION OF LAW comes to us from the UNITED NATIONS which has found the way of bypassing parliaments and all bodies of the nation's people representatives - throughout the world - by writing whatever oppressive law they deem appropriate and having it imposed upon a nation's subjects by simple ratification: this sneaky but foolproof system will finally put the entire free world in vassallage of the U.N. and whoever is pulling it's strings. What the evil empire has not been able to conquer with it's armies it will soon conquer BY FORCE OF LAW, which, dura lex sed lex, you better not work against, since only outlaws are known to fight the Law, and you, the Law abiding citizen, do not want to be named as such. LAW BY DECREE is the clearest expression of dictatorship.

Nazism did not happen overnight, but one decree, one new law, one new interpretation of old laws at the time: honest people who would have fought nazism from the beginning were never given a sudden shocking universally acceptable reason to revolt, and at the end, when the evil face of the Animal became manifest it was too late for the few more generous souls to do anything resolutive.

Honest people should not make the mistake of adjusting gradually to the new expression of Evil that is slowly unfolding: they should react whilst a reaction is possible and cost effective, and understand that listlessness, indolence, inaction, selfishness and cowardice are all fingers of the same hand, they are capital sins in any religion: the man who allows evil to happen is as guilty as the man who commits evil. So stand up and do your part while you still may: write to your congressman, remind him of the principles of President James Monroe, ask him to keep the U.N. out of your country's internal affairs and not to be fooled by the Trojan Horse that comes waving the banner of peace but nestles world hegemony in it's true intention.

When Justice and the Law do not go hand in hand any longer you have tyranny. Justice is the natural expression of our conscience: if our parliamentary representatives will not start acting IN FAVOUR OF JUSTICE AGAINST THE LAW, right now, we better forget the meaning of this out fashioned word, conscience, before the powers that be will find the means to rip it out of our souls:



Signed ... Antonio Randaccio-Lodi
Per Celine Vaillancourt, secretary


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