An Open Letter from KT Ordnance



August 24, 2006


August 24, 2006

As you know I had been raided by the ATF, FBI, and Canadian ATF back on June 7, 2006.

The Asset Forfeiture & Seized Property Branch of the BATFE has now contacted me. I have to date not been charged or arrested for anything. They sent this letter out on August 4 2006; I received it on August 22 2006. They gave me 20 days from date on the letter (not the date I received it) to file grievance (sent by certified, return receipt).

I also have to put up a 10% bond for the assets value (they valued the items at $11,350.00) just for the privilege of attempting to get the items back. They claim in the forfeiture letter that these items where "used or acquired in violation of federal law", yet I've not been charged with violating any law.

Notice the "Disposal" afforded BATFE with no conviction or arrest.

(b) Disposal
In the case of the forfeiture of any firearm by reason of a violation of this chapter, no notice of public sale shall be required; no such firearm shall be sold at a public sale; if such firearm is forfeited for a violation of this chapter and there is no remission or mitigation of forfeiture thereof, it shall be delivered by the Secretary to the Administrator of General Services, General Services Administration, who may order such firearm destroyed or may sell it to any State, or possession, or political subdivision thereof, or at the request of the Secretary, may authorize its retention for official use of the Treasury Department, or may transfer it without charge to any executive department or independent establishment of the Government for use by it.

It seems they want to keep them for there own use, as some are desirable. I cannot help but think that these will end up in some politician's private collection. You may view the items in question here . The two items are the two 1911, 45 Cal pistols in the first three pictures (Abigail & Elizabeth). And there are others not pictured. All this with no charges filed, no arrest, and no conviction. I call this theft.

They can come in, steal your property, show no I.D., use a warrant that is so secret that the Sheriff could not see it, charge you with no crime, and then tell you, "we are keeping your property, and we will give/sell it to whomever we want." If they do charge me (up to 5 years from now), and I win, will I get back my property that they sold/gave away to someone 5 years earlier? What do you think?

With the vague description of the items seized, it seems that they added items that are not mine, but who can tell with a description of "rifle” no serial number(s), no caliber, or any other descriptive markings (they did list the s/n’s for the two 1911’s). How do I know that they even are mine? Yet I must pay them 10% of the value just to find out. And they decide the value.

Can you say, "racketeering” boys and girls?

This is a rogue agency, and must be stopped. I also feel that there may be a connection between the fact that I support JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) and GOA (Gun Owner of America), who are both actively trying to disband the BATFE. (see JPFO's "The Gang" documentary)

Richard Celata


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