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More on "Maximum Mike" Sullivan

Since our recent alerts regarding the potential appointment of Michael Sullivan to the BATFE - more information has become available. We have a letter from Len Savage written about Senator Kerry, and his support of Sullivan .................

I have experienced first hand Mr. Sullivans leadership of the ATF. He is vindictive, and will have his people fudge the evidence in court just to make a case. {look it up US v. Kwan}.

I have had armed audits, and visits, not to mention, been penalized by Mr. Sullivan for having the Babylonian indecency to tell juries that ATF has no written testing program for firearms evidence in Federal Court. They actually admitted it Congress back in 05. "Maximum Mike" was informed, instead of cleaning up the mess he opted to cover it up! Faking evidence in Federal Court, If you think bullet testing was bad, look at how ATF tests the rest of the gun!

"because he has responsibly enforced our country's laws"

Sen. Kerry come on now, even I can tell when the Boston "Good Ol boys" are circling the wagons for one of their own.

Mr. Sullivan has ATF Chief Council work on "Novel Theories of prosecution". Mr. Sullivan reserves the right for ATF to reinterpret the law "United States Code". I found Sen. Kennedy's comments rather telling as well. I did not know that "gun control issues" were part of the United States Code. Obviously a "deal" has been cut that Mr. Sullivan agreed to pursue a lobbyist agenda on behalf of Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Kerry.

I challenge either Sen. to show me otherwise, Why else would they black out the Hearing on his confirmation, and won't release the transcript?

I think it's time to demand a public hearing on this by the Senate.

Senator Kerry, Put up or shut up!

Len Savage

President, Historic Arms LLC

Add to this, the letter sent to The House of Representatives by Fritz J. Scheuren, VP Statistics NORC, University of Chicago, exposing more sloppy record keeping at BATFE, ( PDF format - ).

And finally ....... check out a Red's Trading Post blog which will tell you about the recent intervention by Senator David Vitter -

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