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We have often been asked by members and supporters if they can do anything to help promote JPFO. To this end we describe below the "JPFO Ambassador Program".

JPFO is a 501 c (3) organization, dedicated to ending gun control. It does this by publishing books, documentaries, periodicals, and music about the Bill of Rights, and your right to keep and bear arms. As an educational non-profit, we do not engage in lobbying or litigation, instead staying in the realm of information.

We are looking for three levels of commitment to our work.

Level One: These are people who will go to gun shows and TEA Party events, set up a table, and offer membership and item sales to the public. They will not handle money, only applications, with a credit or debit card. These will be mailed to the home office in Hartford, Wisconsin.

Materials to distribute will be provided, as well as a kit with which to set up a table. Table rentals will be covered by the home office, to the gun show promoter, so that all an ambassador needs to do is set up the table and present.

Level Two: These are people who do not wish to run a table at a show, but can go to events and guns shops and distribute literature stand for the patrons, and occasional special events.

The third thing we are looking for out of this, is leaders. People will rise to the top in any organization, and that is what we intend to do – develop coordinators who will help us train the new people. These people will become JPFO Coordinators.

It is important to note that Ambassadors are not spokespersons for JPFO. They should not engage in partisan political discussions while doing this work, and especially distance themselves from anyone who attempts to engage them in conversations about the use of political violence.

JPFO will provide a nametag for people involved at level 1, and pay the parking expenses of those attending gun shows and TEA Party events.

The main idea here is for the ambassadors to do what they can to sell memberships, make people aware of JPFO, and encourage the distribution of our DVD's and bumper stickers.

To apply: Just email Charles Heller our Executive Director, with details of an event's time and place and your full contact information - this can then be passed on to the main office who will put together some suitable materials to send out. It is desirable to plan well ahead to give plenty of time for arrangements to be dealt with.

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