Gun and Murder Statistics



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A helpful member sent us some useful reference statistics, which originally were in a spread sheet. They have been converted for direct use, and so are still fairly basic. The details are distributed across five main sections, two of which have supporting links. While not all figures are necessarily totally current, they do give useful trends which probably do not vary greatly, and may help those seeking comparitive figures for research.

The first page is correlation of murders with gun ownership -- the listing is alphabetical with figures for murders and their ranking, then figures for guns as comparison, also ranked. The second section which is also alphabetical, deals with murder, giving columns for murder rate, murder count and ranking -- all split into global regions. The third main alphabetical listing deals with figures for guns -- with rating figures and rankings. (Out of 174 countries listed, ranking is a sliding scale based on stat data results -- for instance in Sheet #3 on guns - USA comes out ranked #1 (surprise!) - whereas Tunisia gets ranked bottom at 174. Rank figures relate to relevance/importance of each country within a table's data.)

The remaining two sections are charts with trend lines. Section #4 shows graphically represented rankings between guns and murder, based on a 'Spearman's rho' analysis. The final chart is data with 'Pearson's r' analysis, plotting murder rate against a gun rate.

As is inset within the first table --

In Layman's Terms: These statistics show that having more guns within a country's borders does not lead to an increase in the murder rate – In fact, there is a defined correlation between having more guns and a lower murder rate.

Charts: A scattergram of each analysis is also included with the trendline having the highest coefficient of determination.


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