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Since 1989 Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has "walked point" in the battle against "gun control".

JPFO has gone where no other pro-gun rights organization has gone before. Only JPFO can truly get "in the face" of the liberal Jews who have been at the forefront of the insinuation of "gun control" into our lives. Why? It is simply ridiculous to label JPFO as "anti-Semitic".

We need to introduce JPFO to more Americans, even if they are not gun owners. And even more so if they are Jewish.

JPFO now has a powerful short video on YouTube, describing briefly what the organization is all about. It features screen grabs of our new web site layout and introduces many of the site's important features … and JPFO’s vital mission.

All of you have friends, family, and acquaintances for whom an introduction to JPFO could prove both useful and educational. This is especially true if they are "fence sitters" on matters concerning firearms and the Second Amendment.

Many gun owners have lowered their guard of late. They believe that the landmark U.S. Supreme Court victories of Heller vs. District of Columbia and McDonald vs. Chicago once and for all validated, within our judicial system, the right to keep and bear arms. This is simply not so.

New York remains unswervingly opposed to an armed citizenry. Chicago, under the leadership of Obama’s ex-Head Puppet Master, Rahm Emanuel, is obstructing the McDonald decision with every rotten trick in its gangland play book.

And we are only one Supreme Court Justice appointment away from an overturning of Heller and McDonald. Unlikely? Yes. But look at what is happening in America and the world today! It’s all a new ball game.

Look at how the Obama administration orchestrated the BATFE’s disastrous "Fast and Furious" gun smuggling scam to Mexico. This was done to actually grossly inflate U.S. gun stats south of the border! And now, even after being caught bloody handed, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice continues to actually laud the BATFE, and unbelievably promote the key guilty individuals. On top of this, he has now instituted an illegal "workaround", and centralized and computerized gun registration mandates outside of any legal Congressional directive and approval.

Frankly, the battle to protect our unalienable right to self defense has reached a darker and more sinister phase. Why? Because so much of the gun prohibition activity is now happening below the surface. And the predominantly anti-gun mainstream media remains silent, aiding and abetting what is, in many ways, literal treason against this nation.

Remember what Obama told Sarah Brady: "Below the radar."

"Below the radar."

It is time for millions of Americans to stand up and defend their G-d given rights against an increasingly gluttonous government and the robotic tyrannical bureaucracies that would strip away those rights.

As our late founder Aaron Zelman was always saying, "If you do not defend your rights, then don't complain when you lose them."

Please take the time right now to watch this attention getting JPFO promo video. Pass it along to anyone you know who might be even remotely receptive.

For twenty one years now, JPFO has delivered the "intellectual ammunition" to defeat and destroy the lie that is "gun control". It has been, and is now, up to you to use this information! Act today!

And if you are not a JPFO member? Join us! You don’t have to be Jewish to join. We have never asked about religious affiliation or belief … and never will. To be a member you must simply cherish your freedom and that of your loved ones.

JPFO exists so that we will never have to face the awful day that we may have to resort to actually using our guns against a tyrannical government. JPFO offers the "prevention". The "cure" is horrific beyond words. If you will each do your part, we can win this battle without bloodshed. Can any of you honestly say that it is not worth the effort?

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