The 2010 Gulf Oil Spill Fiasco



The Fiasco of the BP Oil Spill,

Since the beginning of this disaster, the attempts to make major efforts to control it have seemed in part desultory at best.  We have heard all the excuses that the "Jones Act" prevented taking up numerous offers from help from other countries and then even when certain offers or ideas have been supposedly accepted, the "permissions" for these to be implemented are slow.

This video is shown to highlight one method of control thru use of a safe and effective micro biological approach - it is seemingly ignored, along with other potentially highly effective ideas such as that invented by Kevin Costner using a vortex separation method. Does this all mean the potential for ultimately seeing a major crisis situation, with restrictions and controls imposed to the degree that the 2A is under extreme threat?  Remember Katrina.

8 minute film, 40Mb


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