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January 5, 2005


On December 27, 2004, we sent out an alert regarding an article in The National Review, which smeared our award-winning documentary Innocents Betrayed. We've received a variety of letters in response, and are printing a few of them below.

- The Liberty Crew

National Review and Buckley, in my estimation, have been part of the problem for more than the thirty-five years I've been watching them and deadly pragmatism.



Remember that NR is east coast stuffed shirt white guys.....

Make of that what you will!!



Enjoyed and appreciated your commentary on National Review . Its so called review (i.e.smear) of Innocents Betrayed is typical of that "neo-con" publication.

National Review, which since the early 60s has consistently betrayed the cause of freedom and our fundamental conservative principles, has not changed and continues to be the "Trojan Horse" which deceives and misleads so many Americans.

Joseph Sobran, Samuel Francis (who write for the Wanderer) and others have for years attempted to alert America to the editorial duplicity of National Review.

Many of us remember National Review (i.e. William Buckley) and the 1964 betrayal of Barry Goldwater and of Robert Welch.

Obviously National Review is still at it.




Hi :

This is what I would expect from National Review, Mr. Buckley et al. who also hate the John Birch Society and any true conservative patriots (This country is full of phoney patriots and most of them are in office). Regarding films to show, I, as a 30 some odd year Birch member, would recommend your going up the road and getting some of the John Birch Society videos to show regarding the bigger picture of conspiracy to destroy our republic.

I know my section leader has recommeded 'Innocents Betrayed' as an excellent film (he's also Jewish) and I think the big picture has to be addressed along with gun rights as your organization is excellant at doing as the premiere gun rights organization in the country (I don't trust the NRA any more since they've stood still for gun controls and increases in size of government).

I wish to urge you to read the 'Blue Book ' of the John Birch Society and check out ( - IMPORTANT CURRENT PROJECT that the present administration is trying to SNEAK through congress to erase our borders and ship out the rest of our jobs and industry and destroy our country) . Well so long for now and keep up the good work




We should not be surprised that the right will oppose freedom. They do it all the time.

It seems when you get extreme left you find Communists when you get extreme right you find Nazis.

Who was it who said; when you are downtrodden it does not matter whether it is a right boot or a left boot that is on your neck?

For liberty,


You're right: this article in NR was a pointless put-down, and it makes me wonder who's in charge over there these days.

I subscribed to National Review for a number of years, but its relentlessly negative tone finally got to me. Fifteen years ago (approximately), I dropped my subscription. A person can hear and read all the relentless bitching and whining he needs on the TV networks and major wire services.

Thank you for being an unabashed voice for freedom. I will soon become a member of JPFO.



I stopped reading National Review years ago!!!!!! I don't really consider them conservative. Innocents Betrayed is an excellent film.

My friend and medical partner is Jewish and conservative I have showed him many items from JPFO and he has enjoyed and liked them all. He wants to see I.B. I figure I'll get a better response than National Review gave you. I'm disappointed in NR but not surprized.

Happy New Year




I believe you may have misconstrued the comments by the reviewer from the National Review.

He commented on your premise: "...that gun control inevitably leads to state-sponsored mass murder.", and then stated "(_Innocents Betrayed_, I later learned, was produced by the Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership. Make of that what you will.)"

Your response was: "The reviewer made a special point of sneaking in some anti-Semitism into his review. The film was produced by JPFO, he notes and then adds: "Make of that what you will."

I am not convinced that the author's remarks were anti-Semitic, but rather aimed at "GUN CONTROL" inevitably leads to state-sponsored mass murder", and then adding, sarcastically, that your organization is Jews "FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP". I think his knock was that your organization supports gun ownership, rather than its being Jewish.

Unfortunately, not all "conservatives" support that right the way we do. It is regrettable that so many so-called "educated people" do not understand the historic connection between gun control and absolute tyranny. (Before there were guns, tyrants banned the private ownership of swords, and even knives longer than a few inches).

Your hard-earned sensitivity to implied anti-Semitism, in this case, may have led you astray.

Please note that I make these remarks without having seen the rest of the article.

May you be blessed with success in the coming New Year.



National review and Buckley have been RINO/neocons for decades.


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