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Learn about the film "No Guns for Jews"




Note - as of 7/31/10 the film is finished and moving towards the final stages of preparation for release.  Thus the "Producer's Circle" is now closed but, any further donations towards helping in the distribution and marketing will be much appreciated.


Only JPFO can make this film. We have the knowledge, the insight, and the guts to do it.

To learn all about the project read "Smash Jewish 'Gun Controllers' Today" and within that page there are also details as to how to make a donation to the film's production. For those who would like to donate on line we have a new page in the JPFO Store you can use, with the various options listed.

Ask yourself what your 2A rights and firearms are worth to you and your loved ones .... then choose your most generous level of tax deductible support for a donation. This time around cameras cannot keep rolling without your help.


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