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JPFO's Letter to the NRA


This page originally started after JPFO took issue with the NRA over their stance on the BATFE - that being it was felt, overly supportive of an agency which had proven over and over to be flouting the second amendment as well as unjustly persecuting law abiding gun dealers and owners. JPFO’s feeling is that this over funded and out of control agency should be dismantled. Since the original "NRA letter" other items have been added to the page, all in some way involving the NRA’s seeming lack of consistency over 2A matters.



7/14/10 ...  Just in - yet another seeming proof of NRA's trend to limit 2A with "concessions". The NRA actively opposed and sought to undermine gun-rights legislation offered in the Senate by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK). - read about it here.

7/01/10 ...  JPFO adds further material, much confirming the many disasterous compromises. —


More recent additions ....... (May 2010) - "NRA grades candidates on the curve" - more possibly contentious assessments and decisions by the NRA-PVF.

(Feb 8th 2010) The case of McDonald vs City of Chicago has generated much contraversy and there are various articles dealing with this.  In order, read ...... "Will Your Gun Rights Live or Die?" then - "The NRA elbows its way into the McDonald Case", "Incoming opinions on NRA’s elbowing in on the Mc Donald Case" and "More Comments on the NRA and the McDonald case".  Read also this article on the Washington Post and this one - Lawyer Fight!  (The McDonald case links index page )

Recent addition - Now archived here on JPFO. - from American Rifleman 1968 - an archive article sourced from Right to Keep and Bear Arms, "The NRA Supported the National Firearms Act of 1934", "The National Rifle Association has been in support of workable, enforceable gun control legislation since its very inception in 1871."



November 2006   (NRA letter and JPFO response)

"As a matter of policy, the NRA does not call for BATFE to be abolished"

Written by the NRA in defence of their stance on the BATFE - following which JPFO responded to point out the many failings over time whereby the NRA took little or no action to shore up or help abolish the already abused BATFE treatment of the Second Amendment.

The ATF, which began as a supposedly dedicated taxation authority has grown in leaps and bounds to become an over funded, out of control giant which has taken unprecedented actions, unlawfully, against good and honest citizens including the now infamous events at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Read the PDF file which contains the copy of the NRA letter following which is the JPFO response.

Be sure also to read Aaron Zelman's speech to the NRA, made on May 23, 1994.

Note - the two links at the bottom of the PDF file are no longer current and should be .......

JPFO's "Boot The BATFE" campaign
JPFO's telling video about the BATFE criminality - "The Gang"


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