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We try to keep offer information accurate, but if you need to check on anything as being current or need further details please call the order line on (800) 869-1884 (Office Hours, Central Time, weekdays.) We would also remind you to make use of the comments section in our shopping cart where useful, in particular where there is a need to specify things like video type (VCR/DVD) or a choice of titles and quantity breakdown etc.

JPFO hat and patch - buy these Made-in-America quality items. Hat $21.95 post paid, Patch $12.95 post paid. SAVE $5 and buy both for $29.90 post paid.

Free - Copy of "2A Today for The USA " DVD with all Orders or Memberships of $25 or More. A selection of 2 year membership or renewal will gain the 2A film and also a copy of "No Guns for Negroes'' as well.

Do copy and distribute widely the high quality versions of the films (non commercial use only)

JPFO offers "Dustar Knives", the choice of many in the Israeli Defense Force. Visit store here.

The JPFO "Conversation Starter" mug with options to buy at a discount with some film orders. Visit store here.

JPFO is offering a great discount on "Innocents Betrayed" and "The Gang" films. Buy a 6 quantity and copies are $12 each, total $72. Buy a 12 quantity and copies are just $10 each, total $120. Shipping included to USA.

It occurred to us that a few people may like to consider mixing their order and so to accommodate that we have added a Special Order Page where a choice can be made and detailed in the cart comments section.

(Offers are non combinational)


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