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(Page reformated October 2011.) Unfortunately some CNN links have expired but there are links to two relevant video clips that we have on our JPFO server. The case information is presented in reverse order - the newer details appear at the top and the initial introduction is lower down, along with document image scans.


Update 05/09/08 - Sentencing was due two days ago but defence submitted more information.  Information that the BATFE had kept hidden originally by labelling it as containing tax details and so not available to the court.  This seems to not be the case and this plus an ATF document from 1986 throws a different light on things.  Lou Dobbs on CNN covered this after the court case but has again given time to it - you can see part of the latest segment using this link to the video clip - (NOTE - this link appears to have time expired.)

Earlier CNN clips from mid March can be downloaded, to suit your computer player requirements - #1 (WMV), #1 (MOV) …… #2 (WMV), #2 (MOV) . The latest clip was not archived and should been available using the link quoted above. (Sorry, this has expired). It should be noted (well) that the video clip did not include some valuable and positive comments from Ted Deeds of the The Law Enforcement Alliance of America, and for this reason we urge you to read the full transcript - to be found on this page.

A text article summary has now also become available which also refers to the various video links. (NOTE - sorry, this link is time expired.)


Update 1/11/08 - It would seem this case was a total debacle and Mr Olofson was found guilty. Len Savage was present and reports his experience in our new ''Talkin' to America" interview hosted by Aaron Zelman, which you should listen to - it will seriously alarm anyone who thinks justice prevails, let alone what it might mean for future BATFE attempts at prosecuting innocent firearms owners.


This case is soon to go to trial (1/7/08) - and we await the results hoping that the BATFE will totally lose the case. It is hoped to bring you news of the outcome when we get it.

The presentation is via scanned documents and so we present these for you to view - the large versions will just fit on a sheet of letter paper if printed out. There are three affidavits which are handwritten and not easy to read and three pages of ATF investigation report material. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to view the relevant document - but we also suggest you simply right click on each and ''save target'' to download to your own computer for viewing at leisure.

Here now also is the indictment document … (download the PDF file, 40k)

Affidavit Sheet #1 Affidavit Sheet #2 Affidavit Sheet #3

BATFE Report Sheet #1 BATFE Report Sheet #2 BATFE Report Sheet #3


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