Update on Red’s Trading Post:
BATFE Audit After JPFO Interview



Right on the heels of the JPFO announcing the interview I did with "Talkin’ to America" we were greeted by 3 agents from the BATFE, one of which was the Area Supervisor, Linda Young. They cited several areas:

  • They cited that a firearm listed as a "Winchester 1300 12 gauge Pump Action", they were unable to determine what type of a firearm it was (i.e. Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun)
  • They cited a sale to a person who is not a citizen, which you have to show that they have lived here for 3 months. We called this person in to NICS and they were approved. We had documentation from their employer with their last name and social security number. We documented his Drivers License as well. They stated that it could have been his brother or cousin's information and that it concerned them that the first name was not on the employers paperwork.
  • They stated that the $12,000 system that we just leased for inventory and for an Electronic Acquisition/ Disposition of firearms was inadequate, despite being one of the most touted systems in the industry.
  • They noted an address where the street name was preceded by "Cir." (ie 1348 Lakewood Cir.), they could not determine what "Cir." stood for.

One of my employees began documenting their conversation in which the supervisor stated "We'll do this again and again and again until this is done. I mean done. Sooner or later it will be done, something will be found."

The Area Supervisor does not come down for inspections but in our case, she made a trip that consisted of 550 miles (nearly a 9 hour drive)

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